The Anti-Vaxxer Rant

The freedom we all want comes with responsibilities. This is something the anti-vaxxers don't give two fucks about. They want everything, but don't care what needs to be done to get it (IE: the suffering and deaths of millions of people). We can't have the right to freedom without being responsible within our society.

Habit Breaking: Redux

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about breaking some bad habits.

I didn't so much "break" the bad habit of eating junk food, so much as re-affirmed my life-long relationship with Doritos and other assorted goodies.

The Journey of Sark: Slow Progress is still Progress

For me, (developing plots and characters) it's like falling down the YouTube rabbit hole. I start on one character/ group or storyline, then discover more detail is required, then I work on that, then I remember a random character that might work better in this and modify them and add them, then I have to adjust the history... and three hours later, I'm nowhere near where I started.

ZZ Top: My History of the Band

At this time in my life, my musical influences ranged from classic country music to Top 40 pop rock radio to hard rock/ heavy metal. ZZ Top didn't sound like any of them. While other bands and singers had big hair and numerous other 80's fashion styles, ZZ Top didn't. They had long beards (or were named "Beard"), looked like desert genies aiding down-on-their-luck folks with their kick-ass car/ spaceship and a trio of smokin' hot women. They were no one else's band, so they became mine.

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