Confessions of a Coca-Cola Addict

When trying to quit drinking Coca-Cola, I tried substitutes, like Coke Zero. It was ok. Still had the caffeine, just no sugar... and it was still blah. I even switched over to orange soda, to get my sugar fix, sans caffeine. It helped a little, but I knew there would only be one sure-fire solution to all this. Quitting cold turkey.

Goin’ Down Streaming

I'm not always big on change. I've been a collector for most of my life, from comic books, to CDs, to movies. I argued that, as the entertainment industry saw the ease of streaming their products, they were alienating loyal customers, collectors like myself.

A Necessary Arrogance

Hearing Mr. Plummer's words made me wonder if I am arrogant? Not the conceited version, but the one that takes pride in something and sees, in any certain moment, a superiority over others. Well, then yeah, I can be arrogant. Aw crap.

Social Media Fatigue

"I know social media can be useful and enjoyable. But it can also be addictive and time-consuming. If people don't pay attention to the time they use, they'll have lost hours of time, and even hours of sleep, just so that they can see the newest post, or the latest trend."

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