From Imagination to Storytelling

I have always loved stories. Creating stories was one way I was able to have some control of my life, in a fictional manner. Being the youngest meant everyone else was looking after you. I didn't know as much as anyone else. I wasn't the best, the biggest, the strongest, etc. But that was in the real world. In the worlds I created, I was everything there that I wasn't in the real world.

The Negativity Virus

Negativity spreads. Because one person was irritated by something, either me or something else that had happened before, they spread their negativity to me, and it influenced me and my train of thought on the way home.

Productivity & Relaxing: A Balance

One of my biggest problems with regards to writing is that I don't do enough. In turn, this makes me think I'm a failure, because other writers tell of how many hours they spend each day writing. They have schedules, words counts to achieve, goals to reach, and so on. Many blogs or articles I've read featuring authors tell of the importance of always writing. They are always working on their craft and keep writing no matter what. I wish I could be like that.

The “Can’t Do It” Generations

The "Greatest Generation" didn't question what was right or wrong. They didn't analyze whether fighting in a world war was bad for the other side. They wouldn't have lived in poverty while watching Netflix on their brand-new smartphones while wearing brand-name clothes. Barely a month into lockdowns, they wouldn't have had protests because they couldn't get a haircut or a hamburger.

The Never-Ending Snyder League: A Rant

I'm not here to talk about (Man of Steel or BvS), I'm here to rant about Zack Snyder's Justice League. This isn't a review, this is my thought on how this supposed DC Extended Universe went from "meh" to "aw for shits sake!" As a reminder, these are MY THOUGHTS & OPINIONs. This is not fact. So chill out, ok?

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