As I was out and about for work the other day, I pulled up behind this little black pick-up and saw a silver set of testicles hanging from the trailer hitch.
I had to have a good chuckle at this. Then I pondered the mind-set that would think putting a silver set of testicles on his pick-up truck.
Is the guy compensating for something? Is his little truck so cool, it’s got balls? If so, where is the penis? They kinda go together. Would only make sense. You have balls, ya gotta have a penis!
And how come women don’t have vaginas on their trailer hitches! Probably make an excellent trailer hitch cover.
Maybe it’s because women have some sort of tact when it comes to showing off sexual organs on their vehicles.
Maybe it’s because guys with testicles on their trailer hitches are just that classy, they want everyone to know it.
That’s probably the answer. Especially considering the guy in question’s licence plate read “Pysko”.
Guy can’t even spell!
I consider this an example of why the world is messed up.
I’ll save the other reasons for another time.