Change can be a bitch.

We can be quite used to the usual to the point that it takes serious effort to make any changes, even if it’s for the better.
Recently, I tried this theory of 21 days. The idea goes like this…

If you can change any bad habits, quit whatever bad thing you do for 21 days, you will have started to make good habits. After those 21 days, you will be on your road to a better, healthier self.

In truth, it’s a load of dingo’s kidneys.

I speak from experience because I did the 21 days. It seemed to help, til I fell off the wagon.

Oh, wait. I’m gettin ahead of myself.

The reason for starting said 21 days was the beginning of an over-all over-haul of my personal habits, starting with my lack of writing, being lazy, a procrastinator, & scarfing too much junk food. So, I started the 21 days, and things went swimmingly! Until I picked a couple of bags of chips for dinner… and ate them both… In one sitting. But I was able to talk myself out of that misstep being a mistake. It was a reward! Ooo! Faboo! A reward! Cause of all the writing I’ve been doing, I deserve to make myself fatter and less healthy. I used that logic twice more over the 21 days.

In hindsight, it was better than what I used to do, and how frequently I used to do it. But geez, man.

After the 21 days, I had a few days of reflection, and pigging out.

So much for the 21 days.

But it did do something for me. I looked back on those days and saw how productive I was. I did a lot of writing, and got a lot accomplished! It also made me see what I could do if I was motivated correctly. And that, dear reader, is the point of my rambling this time out.

There are a lot of ideas and methods out there to improve yourself, either by quitting a bad habit, exercising, avoiding clowns, or whatever. But in the end, you have to be the one who really wants those changes. Sorry if that sounds all New Age-y and such, but in my experience with dealing with being over weight, and trying to rid myself of my bad habits, even well before those 21 days, in the end, I had to want the changes.

When you really want change in your life, self-help books, CDs, and all that crap will lead you down a path that might help. They might inspire you, and help you see new ways of doing things. But you still need to make the changes. Nothing else will do it for you. No one else will help you. All they do is offer support.

The support is always appreciated, but it’s a battle you have to do, and hopefully win. Even if you make a mistake, or fall off the wagon, you can always get back on. You can always start again.

That’s what I’ve done.