ASI Log Entry 110-106.06: Infinatum Update

The following is from a post to a Government conspiracy website. It is the last known evidence of the Infinatum Declaration.

Almost twenty years ago, during a dig near the Incan city of Machu Picchu, a seemingly ancient piece of parchment with unknown writing on it was discovered. Most believed it was a hoax because the parchment was in such good condition. But it was considered a curiosity by some of the students and was taken back to be studied at the lab.

It was there that a local archeology student, Carlina Esteban, was the first to get a close look at the parchment. Initial tests revealed an unknown substance coating the paper, seemingly protecting it. When she tested the paper itself, it dated back nearly two thousand years, from China! Spurred on by her discovery, she secretly sought out a way to translate the text. To her surprise, she found hints of the words from various other forms of ancient written languages from around the world.

But even after a rough translation was complete, she did not understand the meaning or what it referred to. As a last resort, she posted the translated text of the parchment on her website, hoping someone would understand the references, particularly to something called the “Infinatum”.

Before she could unravel the mystery of what she dubbed the “Infinatum Declaration”, a fire tore through her apartment building in Lima, Peru. Many of the residences were killed, along with Carlina. The parchment, which she had kept with her, in secret, was lost.

Even after her website was shut down, the Infinatum Declaration was spread over the internet where most consider it akin to an urban legend. For years, the parchment’s true nature and origin were pondered over until it slipped into the forgotten memory of most.

Below is a copy of the translated text. From here, its interpretation and meaning are merely conjecture.

All I have seen and known has risen and fallen. It is the way of the world. But now, I have been humbled. I have seen a place of power beyond. It is there, that they watch. I feel so small. Yet, I am not alone. There are others. There will be more. Many. Never-ending. Infinatum.

In the wake of the Black Wave Event, with the increase in unusual or unexplained phenomenon, there has also been renewed interest in the Infinatum Declaration.

Our seeker programs continue to monitor internet traffic for any resurgence of this topic. With the confirmed sightings of a woman fitting Carlina Esteban description near Canyon Beach/ Los Angeles, there may be a need to increase our vigilance.

If the truth of Ms. Esteban’s whereabouts for the past twenty years, her return, and means of her return were revealed, many of our secrets may be in jeopardy.

Contact must be made soon to ensure her status.

– WS

Copyrighted © 2011 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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