Work Rant: Screw Perfection

The other day at work I had an interesting conversation with the guy who’s supposed to be the manager (let’s call him Axe), and the guy who does too many things for one guy to do (Curly).

They came into where I work and asked if everything was ok, and if I was ok. Nice of them to show concern, but they didn’t let me know why they were asking.

Fortunately, I did know.

The week before, I had sent an order to a vendor for processing. Thing is, it was the wrong vendor… Sorta. See, it was a legit vendor, just not the one they wanted. The order came back completed to our specs, so I knew & they knew it would be ok.

Yet, here they were, chatting me up about how I was doing.

Unfortunately for them, I told them.

I told them how I was doing the job that two people had done before, which isn’t terrible when things are quiet. But on certain days, things are far from quiet. So I tend to run around, hoping that what I’m doing is correct and accurate. I reminded Axe that, when he first came to see me and asked what I’d like to see changed, I told him “Need two people in here.” As far as I know, I spoke clearly, I have no accent, and was polite. I guess he thought I was just joking.

Anyways, I also proceeded to tell him about how disorganized things were, how costly it was to send half orders instead of full orders, and why we were always late with orders. All valid points, I thought. Points that Curly had brought up and mentioned on numerous occasions.

Oddly enough, at this time, he was quiet. Didn’t utter a word.

Gotta love that support.

Axe responded by saying they were working on it (same thing that was said many times before, by the previous guy), and that in a perfect world, everything would be done on time, to their full amounts, and within expected costs. But, as he clearly stated, it’s not a perfect world.

In short, yes, I agree that it’s not a perfect world. Mistakes are made, some that are out of our control. Fair enough.

But, here’s the point of this whole damned blog, why are we not striving for perfection? Why is the company not reviewing previous or related orders, seeing what caused delays, and ensuring they are reduced or eliminated? Why are they not altering their schedules to allow for complete orders to be done and sent instead of partial orders? Why are there less, inexperienced people doing more jobs and more work, yet still expected to deliver quantity? In other words, why isn’t the company striving for perfection? Why aren’t they trying to do something to make things run more smoothly? They keep saying they are making changes. But they have been saying that for about a year, and things have only gotten worse and they are losing some of the most senior people.

Personally, I think it’s a cop-out. If they can’t be bothered to make improvements, they’ll just say that “nobody’s perfect”. If they can’t be bothered to make improvements, to show they care about the company, the product, and the employees, then that has a serious affect on morale. People care less about what they do, quality drops, mistakes are made, orders are partially done or late.

Hmm, makes me wonder. If they did strive for perfection, I wonder how much better the place would be?

Unless they have a serious change in attitude, we’ll never know how good it could be.


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