ASI Log Entry 18-329.01: Reversal of Fortune

Until a week ago, I believed everything that we had worked towards was gone. 

It started with the theft of a significant amount of our accumulated knowledge from the Division Alpha headquarters in New York City.

In truth, it may have started years earlier, when we officially started our association with the United States Government.

Despite receiving funding, those in power in Washington never truly knew or understood us or our mission. They saw our search for the mysterious and unknown as ridiculous flights of fancy. It took kra and ryt and I standing before the newly elected President Taft for the truth to sink in. Although he gave us the freedom to continue our work, seeing them, two beings so different in appearance to us, impressed upon him fear as well. When the location of our headquarters was relocated to New York City, instead of somewhere further away and out of sight, I knew our relationship with those in power would be questionable.

Leap ahead to a year ago, when our building was attacked and vital information was stolen. Believing the thieves to be from the Central Powers, I requested a mission to Europe, into the theater of war, to retrieve the stolen information.

Even as nnug and I headed overseas to rendez-vous with our Spanish contact, mairim, two disturbing thoughts gnawed at me:

1. The fact that somehow, spies from the Central Powers knew of Division Alpha’s activities. Although we had connection all over the world, to my knowledge, none knew specific details or inventory of our items.

2. If those in Washington who wanted Division Alpha gone, stealing from us, framing others, and granting me permission, thus sending me on a wild goose chase, was an excellent way to do so. It left kra and ryt vulnurable.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Upon our arrival, we were captured and taken to some castle in the mountains. We were kept separate, only seeing each other when they examined us. I wish I could remember more, but as hard as I try, I can not.

Perhaps it is for the best.

As to what happened to the others, according to whispers I overheard before my escape, mairim seemingly vanished. I never knew what happened to nnug.

I wandered through Europe, trying to find soldiers from Britain or France. When I finally did,  apparently I frightened some of the men. Afterwards, I was told that I looked like a walking skeleton, that I should have been dead. 

 I still can’t fathom the scale of war I have witnessed. It wasn’t a field here or a city there. It was countries, nations. I’ll never be able to erase the memory of the dead and dying from my mind.

I finally returned home only a few months ago, only to discover funding for Division Alpha was relocated towards the war effort and that kra and ryt were gone, along with what remained of Division Alpha’s files and artifacts.

I was never questioned about their whereabouts, because in all honesty, I didn’t know. Recent weeks have been frustrating and lonely. I felt Division Alpha had great potential. My eyes were open to so much while it existed. Not having that in my life, made me feel empty.

Then, last week, everything changed.

I received an envelope with a map inside of Nevada, coordinates for a location and a time to arrive at. I recognized the handwriting and knew I could trust them.

Upon my arrival today at Groom Lake, I was greeted by kra and ryt. They had something to show me, something hidden underground, created by incredible geologic forces over millions of years. It was staggeringly massive. It was to be our future.

Each of us has our role to play. Mine is to procure the lands required. The local mining community is nearly gone, scared off by a recent spike in mining-related deaths and failure of any new discoveries. It won’t take much to secure the lands from the two remaining companies, giving them more than their fair share.

So many thoughts race through my head right now. I know sleep will not come to me. Although I may be getting ahead of myself, this new beginning needs a new name. Although we will have no government affiliations, we need to work within them, and others, to accomplish our goals. We need to sound official, yet puzzling, with sense of wisdom and knowledge…

“Agency of Sagacious Investigations”


Has potential…


ASI Log Entry Copyrighted © 2011 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



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