Halloween Rant

Yes I know Halloween is past, but I heard about this and thought about this on Halloween and it’s about Halloween, and my internet wasn’t up at the time. But now it is so it’s time to rant!

I heard about this school out west that wanted to have a “caring” Halloween. The basic idea was that kids were to dress up as something caring. No masks. Nothing scary.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the spirit of Samhain rolling his eyes with a bone-chilling, yet slightly disgusted “argh” and the Celts slapping their heads like they shoulda had a V-8.

I understand what they were trying to do. Some kids get scared easily and this would be a good way to allow them to dress up, sans the scary.

But, umm, the whole point of modern-day Halloween is to up the scary! It’s a time for kids to dress up as their favorite character or to look spooky and to hear haunting tales and all that fun stuff.

To take that away from kids sorta defeats the whole purpose of Halloween!

Waaay back, Halloween was known as Samhain, and celebrated the end of the harvest and the beginning of the dark cycle of the year. Gaelic customs began the idea of wearing costumes to copy evil spirits or ward them off.

I’m pretty sure evil spirits wouldn’t be scared off by “caring” costumes.

To me, and a lot of people, Halloween is about darkness and confronting the mythological evil that have been with us for centuries. Ghouls, monsters, skeletons, witches (the stereo-typical ones, not the nice, Wiccans), werewolves, vampires, mummies, and all the other creatures that live in the dark recesses of our imaginations. Halloween is about facing our fears, challenging them, embracing them and putting on their guises to walk among others who share the fun and joy of doing so.

Halloween has already become a watered-down celebration in the 21st Century. It’s second only to Christmas for marketing, decorations and consumer products.

Telling kids to tone down their costumes for the sake of… who? The parents? Immigrants who may not have celebrated Halloween in their country?

Give me a frickin break!

This lame-ass idea of “caring” costumes is coming from someone who wants to suck all the fun out of something that kids enjoy. How often do kids, who generally feel intimidated by a world that is bigger than they are, get a chance to go out in public, looking like something intimidating or scary?

Not often.

I say to those who came up with that whole “caring” costumes crap, just let the kids dress up how they want. If it’s a caring costume, fine. But if it’s scary, then let them be scary!


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