Pry Investigations article: “Pry” sneak-peek

The following article was originally published in “Bounty Quarterly…


“Years after the Black Wave Event, Las Vegas is shedding it’s family-friendly reputation and returning to its roots, much to the dismay of local and federal law-enforcement.

Amid this underworld boom, comes a new wave of old-fashioned justice-for-hire. Bounty hunters and private investigators have been coming to Las Vegas to seek their fortunes among the shady clientele. But more often than not, they are sent packing. One two-man organization seems to be weathering the changes quite well. Maybe the secret to their success is that neither of them are men.

Pry Investigations set up shop in a formally successful section of downtown Las Vegas and quickly began to make waves among their competitors. Among them, Cain Nine, a former celebrity bounty hunter and reality television star, is quoted as saying, “That lil bitch an’ her bitch is a pain in a lotta asses!”

The first, and only branch of Baker Bailbonds, original based in Chicago, Pry Investigations is owned and run by a young woman named Andreas Pry. A young woman with experience well beyond her years. Upon first meeting her, many dismiss her as a punk. But she has used that misunderstanding in success after success. Her partner, known only as Dane, is an irregular. Although many around the country don’t acknowledge the existence of irregulars; in Las Vegas, they are looked upon as a curiosity, some even finding jobs and living so-called “normal” lives.

Requests for a personal interview and photos was made, but declined.

Together, Pry and Dane have quickly made a name for themselves. Mention their name around town, and once you delve past the animosity, even the nay-sayers sing their praises. Solid detective work, discretion with all clients regardless of stature, and, to quote one anonymous source, “big f**kin’ balls for a chick an’ a freak dog”.

While the state government and police try to return Las Vegas to its status as global, family amusement center, there will be organizations like Pry Investigations, continuing to do their part to help out the people as they wait for their desert oasis to return.”


“Pry Investigations”, “Andreas Pry”, “Dane”, “Baker”, “Black Wave Event” Copyrighted © 2011 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.




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