ASI Log Entry: 28-65.01 Lamenting the Forgotten World

William Wordsworth said…

“Men are we, and we must grieve when even the shade, Of that which was once great is passed away.”

That is what we do today. Perhaps only I will put into words the conflicted feelings witin me.

What we did was the only solution. The world was threatened by our own ambition and creations. We hoped that, in time, intelligence and a desire for peace would prevail.

Then, we hoped that the fear of these powers unleashed upon the world would stay their hands.

But, when these powers are within people, it changes everything. They, who like so many of us, are flawed by desire & ego. When they can be corrupted, or as they saying goes, when their abolute power can corrupt them abolutely, what other action can be taken to save this one world?

Only the most drastic kind.

Only we share the knowledge of what happened, and our role in it. The rest of the world is oblivious to what has happened around them. Hopefully this time, the world can be steered into a better direction than before.

I wonder, if people knew what we did, what their reaction be? I suspect we wouldn’t get a chance to explain our reasoning. They would fear us. They would fear the power at our disposal, and what we did to them and the world.

Perhaps our power is absolute. Will we be corrupted by it?

My conscience ways on me too much to continue. Our only consolation is that our deed does way on us. If it were any easy decision, & we felt nothing for its consequences, then the danger of our power swallowing us whole would be greater.

But we mourn our actions. I guess that is best.

For now, perhaps it’s best to let our memory slip and allow this day to be forgotten, even as days and events like these are never easily forgotten.

I guess only time will tell, again, if all wounds are healed by its passage.

ASI Log Entry Copyrighted © 2011 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Published by: Sarcasticus Rex

Sarcasticus Rex is the online name of Mark MacKinnon. A Canadian scriptwriter, writer, creator of the Infinatum (short stories, future book series &/or comics/ graphic novels), and occasional blogger. Influences range from Anime to ancient mythology to sci-fi to actual science to conspiracy theories to super-fi (superhero fiction) to social issues and anything in-between.

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