Christmas isn’t even here and already, people are acting like morons. And when I say Christmas, I mean CHRISTMAS!

Not undisclosed holiday, not festivus whatever, and not Consumer Greedymas, I mean CHRISTMAS!

In few days, I’ve heard of two separate incidents involving people trying to celebrate Christmas and getting poo-pooed on by someone who doesn’t want to offend other religions.

Before I get on my Christmas soapbox, I have to make one thing perfectly clear. I’m not a fan of Christianity. Way back when Jesus was telling people how cool it would be if we all got along and loved each other, Christianity was like the rebellious religion that parents warned their kids about. It was cool with the kids and free-thinkers. Heck, it was inspiring. Many today still think that way, except they got rid of “Rebellious”, “Cool”, “free-thinking”, and “inspiring”. Instead, they’ve add “utterly blind devotion” and “let’s twist Jesus’ meaning around so we can make a shit load of money from the suckers that come to church. Hell, we can even get them at home via preachin’ on TV! Sweet!” These are generally the same people who turn a blind eye to the years of child sexual abuse, repression of women, and hating gays. I’m not a big fan of those kind of Christians.

The Christians I do like, are like my friend Al. He’s a religious guy, yet he’s not a tool. If you have a discussion with him about when Jesus was born, he’ll argue his point, but he knows his stuff and isn’t closed-minded. I’m sure there are many people out there like that, who give Jesus a good name. It’s just too bad about the rest of them pricks.

Anywho, about Christmas. I grew up celebrating Christmas. It was my favorite time of year. But back then, we didn’t celebrate “Holiday”, we celebrated CHRISTMAS! We didn’t put up holiday lights, we didn’t decorate the holiday tree, and we didn’t give holiday presents!

So, when a couple of bus drivers wanted to decorate their school buses with Christmas decorations, they were told to take them down because someone was offended.

Really? Offended? The only danger tinsel can cause is when the cat eats a string of it and it’s poop comes out on a silvery string! Which is kinda cool actually, but seriously, offended?

Now, I’m sure people are gonna blame one of three groups. Immigrants, Far Lefties, and Atheists (who, by the way, are on the same level as Rapists, according to a recent poll of Christian organizations… who happen to fall into the “stupid pricks” category).

Now, it could be immigrants to wanted the decorations taken down. But, being new to this country, perhaps they don’t realize this is a country of tolerance. In Canada, we embrace diversity. If it’s different, cool! Tell me more, show me more, I wanna learn more about someone’s country and religion!

Ok, probably far-fetched. But that’s how it should be.

As for the immigrant, they may come from a country that isn’t as tolerant as this country should be. If they want to get along in this country, the should stow the hate and embrace the difference. This goes for anyone, whether they came here or were born here.

Maybe it was the far Lefties, who wants to ensure a country where the predominant religion isn’t in everyone’s face. A wee bit of me kinda, sorta agrees with them, but for cryin out loud, it’s frickin’ Christmas! It’s an important time on the Christian calendar. Don’t they have the right to celebrate something important to them? That goes for all religions too! They have the right to do whatever they want to celebrate their special religious holidays, events or months (Ramadan, that’s hard-core devotion!)

If it was an Atheist that wanted the Christmas decorations down, they should just shut the hell up. People who don’t believe in anything just haven’t found whatever it is they should be believing in. Once upon a time, I thought I was Atheist, until I figured out what it actually means. So I switched to Agnostic. Personally, I think Atheist are just pissed off and frustrated Agnostics. They should just lighten up, cause generally, they are pretty depressing and unfun people.

If you want to celebrate Christmas, go for it! Put up Hydro-draining lights, gawdy decorations, and pour tons of money into the economy for things the kids will get bored with in a day or two… What I meant to say is… Make sure to tell those around you that you love them and that you are happy they are in your life. Give money to those in need, even if you can’t afford it.  Share a laugh, spread joy and be at peace.

But most importantly, regardless of what you believe, make sure you are a little nicer to people.

Especially if they have CHRISTMAS decorations up!