Just a Coca-Cola Rant

The other week, I read an article about how addictive Coca-Cola is. It mentioned its contents, particularly sugar and caffeine, can affect us mentally and have the same ups, downs, and addictive effects within our brain as heroin.

The article also mentioned that Coke originally had actual Cocaine in it, which is where it got its name. But, according to this article, they removed it because it’s addictive properties weren’t needed.

Ok, well, first off, I’d like to greet the author of this article to the 21st century, and thanks for crawling out from under whatever rock you’ve been stuck under for the past 200 years.

To say Coca-Cola is addictive and unhealthy is like saying snow is white.

So, what’s your point fella?

So far this year, I’ve heard that fruits are unhealthy because of the minute minerals they absorb as they grow. The main fruit they mentioned were apples. Apples?! Oh God no! Not apples! They keep doctors away! How could they be unhealthy?

I also heard that a glass of wine a day was good for you. Then it wasn’t. Then it was again. I wish they’d make up their minds cause a lot of people out there are becoming lushes, then feeling guilty about it afterwards, thus drowning their sorrows in more glasses of wine!

If we kept track of all the things they told us wasn’t good for us, we’d be eating bark off of trees. When are people gonna realize that no matter what they eat, how little they eat, or where they get it from, there’s a potential that we are gonna eat something that probably isn’t the best for us. From pesticides to growth hormones to genetically modified food to microscopic bugs to actual bugs you can see, we consume a lot of stuff that ain’t good for us.

I won’t even mention how many spiders we eat in our sleep in our lifetime.

Humans consume. Whether it be food or resources or money or reality TV shows, we can’t stop consuming. What really gets us into trouble is when we consume the wrong things on a regular basis. The fact that fast food is easier to get than vegetables and fruit is pretty lame. But in an age of “gimmie gimmie gimmie now now now!”, it’s easier and cheaper to eat fast than eat well.

But we don’t have to consume crap. We can eat stuff that is marginally better than other things. More importantly, we can eat smaller portions. If we did that, then we could have some of the yummy, unhealthy stuff that we crave. It’s about finding a balance between healthy and unhealthy.

If we had more balance in our lives, then we’d eat better, treat our resources better, and maybe stop watching those lame-ass reality TV shows.

As for good ol’ Coca-Cola, I believe I can speak as an expert on this subject. Back when I was a kid, my grandparents always had Coke in the house. Whenever I’d go for a visit, I’d have a glass of coke. But as I got into my teen years, I started to drink more. It wasn’t unusual for me to consume maybe 8 or more cans of Coke a day. A Day!

There came a time when I realized that I didn’t like Coke anymore! I’d have one can and I didn’t like the taste. Plus, I’d feel like crap. The reason? I had consumed too much. So, I cut back. For a long time, I’d have maybe 1 or 2 cans a day. And let me tell you, after a while, Coke began to taste good again. These days, I average maybe 3 cans a day. Sometimes I might have another, but that’s pretty rare. I also drink more water, which, when cold, can be very yummy!

When I have that first glass of Coke, usually before I start writing on the computer, it tastes like bliss and gives me that jolt of sugar and caffeine to get me rolling. I’m sure it does all those things to my brain that article mentions, both good and bad. But, here’s some things to think about before you give that can of Coca-Cola the evil eye…

– There are no Coca-Cola Anonymous groups out there.

– No one ever went to jail for drinking too much Coca-Cola.

– If I don’t have Coca-Cola in the house, I don’t go rob a bank to get money to buy more.

Coca-Cola has never gotten me into a fight, never torn my family apart, never made me forget things that I’d be embarrassed about the next day, and I’ve never “needed” it.

To the author of that article, I think he shouldn’t look at the substance, but the person. The substance can feed the addiction, but it’s the person who needs the substance, whether it be Coca-Cola, heroin, food, booze, shoes, or whatever.

Also, I hope Pepsi paid him well for his article.

By the way, if you want to read the article, or related articles on the evils of Coca-Cola, Google “What Coca-Cola does to your body.”

You go do that. I’ll have a Coke and a smile.


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