My Writing Projects for 2012

The one major advantage of not working is that I have a lot of time to work on my writing!

Between job hunting and going into town to get job hunting help from the local employment office, I’ve been able to put more time into my various writing projects. This has also stirred my creative juices, and has got me thinking about new ideas and projects I’d like to work on in 2012.

“The Black Wave Event” was actually done. But a few things were gnawing at me, so I added a few more parts and came up with ideas for two new chapters. Completing this will be my top priority. If all goes well, I could have it published online by the end of the year!

I was planning on the Black Wave Event being he only forray into writing novels. As much as I enjoy telling the story of these characters and their world, writing prose isn’t my strong suit. But, just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Besides, there shouldn’t be rules to writing, so long as it’s readable and enjoyable. So, I’m currently plotting out a potential series of books based on the characters from the Black Wave Event. It’s still in the early stages, very early stages, of plotting and development. But if I can work it, who knows!

One project I have plotted out already is called “Pry”. It’s based on one of the characters that appeared in my “Tales from the Infinatum” short stories. I’ve always had an affinity for strong women characters, and Pry is one such female character. I’ve plotted out a 14 episode/ chapter story outline, set within the Infinatum. Whether this will be an online short story serial or a novel or something else entirely remains to be seen.

One short story serial that has been put online is “Irregular: Origins”. I’d like to beef up the story and make them more interconnected so that I could officially publish it, perhaps before the BWE is finished. But with everything else I have to do, it might be something to do a little later.

Another idea set within the Infinatum that I’ve been working on is an alternate version of the Infinatum that more closely resembles a traditional superhero world. The characters used for this world are some of my oldest, some predating any characters already found in the Infinatum. They still need some serious updating and definition, but it’s my hope that someday, they may become another part of the Infinatum.

One thing I have not worked on as much as I’d like is my screenwriting.  Besides my two scripts that I’ve neglected to work on because of my novel, I have another eight scripts plotted out, as well as numerous other ideas that could be developed into scripts. Some of these are script adaptations of characters from the Infinatum. Others include a romantic adventure about a werewolf, a Canadian fictional history action/adventure, an action movie about assassins protecting a girl, and a comedy set in a big box store. Plus, I have a few other ideas that need some fleshing out.

With all my current free time available to me, I’m going to try to make the best if it all, so that when I do go back to work, I’ll already have things started and have that burning desire to finish it!

2012 potentially could be a big, busy year for me, writing-wise!

Wish me luck!


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