Tales from Sark’s World: Glutton for Punishment

Just because I’m getting more done with my writing doesn’t mean I should give myself more to do!

But, that seems to be the trend. When I finished my novel, the “Black Wave Event” (or BWE for short), I felt that it needed something more. So I created two more chapters and added more to the already written chapters. *sigh*

Then, I started thinking about what I would do afterwards. Oh I have plenty to do, with two feature film scripts that are about half way done, plus a bunch more ideas that I could start working on, especially the two Canadian-based scripts that I think would be cool to get made, and might shake up the stuffiness of Canuck films. I also have an idea for an online series based on a character from my ever-growing, never-ending multiverse super fiction, the Infinatum. Plus, I was thinking of going back to the online serial “Irregulars: Origins”, touching it up so it could be published online officially as a novella or something.

In short, I’m not lacking for work.

Yet, here I am, digging up and flipping through some ancient tomes I had worked on decades before and thinking of ways to utilize them into an ongoing series of eBooks that follow the events of the BWE!

To quote the Headstones, “Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!”

These tomes of which I speak were done between my earliest comic book-inspired/ super fiction and what passes for the present version of the Infinatum. Back then, I didn’t have clue about writing comics, scripts, or anything else. I just had all these ideas in my head, about all these characters, and wanted to do something with them. So, I created what would be a detailed outline of a story. According to the numbering system, I plotted out over one hundred and fifty stories, including a maxi series, and two other series, one that only lasted fifty-some “issues”, and another that lasted even less. At one point, I think I tried to condense them, but I only got as far as number twelve or so.

The thing is, I came up with some interesting ideas! Back then, I was also big into collecting comics, like X-Men, Spider-Man, and various other X-Men related titles. The influence from those comics are evident, and surprisingly half-decent.

Which made me think about what happens next to the characters that survive the BWE?

Here’s the thing, I’ve already plotted out ideas for future stories featuring many of the characters that either appear in prominent roles in the BWE, and those with very minor appearances. It’s my hope to someday, have them appear in comic book form, online, or maybe even in a film or TV. But, until I can make the right connections and get people to believe that these stories would be worth making, maybe the only way to get them out there in novel-form.

Taking those plotted out ideas, and the ones I made years and years ago, I’ve started developing a series of stories that would tell the most interesting and relevant stories and characters, as well as what happens to the world after the BWE. I won’t go into details right now, but it would span more than one book, focusing on my favourite characters, have a on-going subplot that would lead to a BWE-size story where all the newly established characters would crossover.

A little ambitious for someone who thought that after the BWE was done, he wouldn’t bother with writing novels for a while. But I guess one has to go where one’s muse or creativity wants to go.

This weekend, I’ll try to modify my writing schedule so that I can include everything I want to do. The biggest test is when I have to actually follow it!

Anyways, that’s what’s new in my world. Btw, if you actually like to read about what the hell I’m up to as a writer, or anything other writing-related stuff, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just ramble on about myself and other useless information whenever I feel like.

See, United States Congress, this is called “freedom of speech”. So stop trying to jam that SOPA/ PIPA crap down everyone’s throat, please and thank you.

Until later, stay tuned! 



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