Tales from Sark’s World: The Plotlines Keep on a Rollin’


Sark in the house!



Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy working on something I wasn’t planning on writing, a novel. Reading other novels as inspiration hasn’t helped really. I just read them and think…

 “Wow, I probably suck. Why am I doing this again?”

Then I’m reminded that I kinda enjoy this. I love these characters that I’ve created and gathered within the Infinatum. The Infinatum to me is Star Wars to George Lucas, except that I have other ideas that I can work on without demeaning myself by re-releasing my old crap just so I can milk more money from my little cult… but I digress. 🙂

I think a lot of my hesitation comes from my scriptwriting mentality. When I started, I was sooo worried about format, that it literally stymied my creativity, because I was freaked about format. I needed to have it perfect so that people would read it. When I became successful as Joss Whedon, Shane Black or Quentin Tarantino, THEN I could do whatever I pleased.

Thankfully, that’s not really the way creativity works. The most important thing is writing, and to keep writing and creating and dreaming and so on.

Plus, it’s hard to get an artist interested in your creations. So, if I was to get my Infinatum seen by others, short stories and novels were my way to get there.

Skip ahead, past the “Black Wave Event” (BWE). Here I am developing more ideas for continuing the story of the Infinatum.

Currently, I have two rough outlines plotted for post-BWE stories. But they are only the first two. I have also developed a rough outline that may involve more books and eventually lead to an epic battle at the end. Each book/ story will have a part in leading up to this epic.

The first book, with the working title “BWE: Year 3” re-introduces all the prominent characters, as well as introducing new characters. But it also acts as a jumping-off point to for what will come.

The second book, “Epsilon” focuses on a smaller group of the characters re-introduced in the previous book and a specific mission that they must under-take.

Yes, I purposely being vague, because a lot can change between now and then. There are more parts to be plotted out and it may take a while. But hopefully with my re-vamped writing schedule, I can get a fair bit done.

Like I said, I have lots to do, and scriptwriting is a part of that. I’ve been pretty focused on the novel stuff, but I want to continue with my favorite script ideas. I used to be able to write a feature film-length script in a few months. Right now, I’m aiming for 6 months to a year to complete my two unfinished scripts.

So, I have lots to do. I just hope that when I get a paying job, I can maintain my schedule.

Until later, Stay Tuned!  


btw, blame the Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique” for the start of this blog.




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