3 Fingers of Rant

The first finger: Rich people are pricks.

At least that’s what a joint study between the psychologists at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Toronto concluded.

I could have saved them a lot of money and told them that a while ago.

But I had to laugh at the people doing this study when they mentioned driver of expensive vehicles, like Mercedes, BMWs, and Toyota’s Prius hybrid didn’t obey the rules of the road at four-way intersections more than people who drove Camrys or Corollas.

Umm, to people like me, ALL of those cars they mention are expensive.

The study goes on to say that rich people were more likely to cheat at a game where only $50 was at risk, they looked more positively on greed and rely less on family and friends. But my favorite example of why rich people suck as when they were given a jar of candy that they were told was for children in another lab. They were also told they could take some if they wanted. Turns out the richest people took more candy than anyone else.

Like I said, I’m not surprised at the study’s findings. How else do you think these people got to be rich in the first place? More importantly, how do you think they maintain their wealth?

Ever see an average income type of person win a lot of money, then blow it all and find themselves back where they were, maybe even in a worst position than they started? Because they aren’t pricks! They aren’t greedy. They don’t put themselves above others. They are suddenly overwhelmed with this amount of money, perhaps more than they’ve ever seen in their whole lives, and they want to share it with others. They want to do all the things they could never do before. Before they know it, it’s all gone.

It’s the reason the “Haves” maintain the majority of the wealth, while the “Have-nots” sit on their couch watching mind-numbing TV. The rich are driven by greed, the need to ensure their lifestyle, and most importantly, fear. Fear of becoming ordinary, of becoming one of the majority of “Have-nots”.

Not all rich people are like this of course. There are exceptions to everything. Plus, I know a lot of pricks who have no money. But think about it, the people who have money and power will do anything to maintain it. They’ll lie, cheat, steal and manipulate. They’d step over their own mother or kids to ensure they can bathe in green-backs. They’ll also spend millions on those in power to curry favor for themselves and others like them. Screw John Q. Public.

If you think I’m making this shit up, just look at America. The Middle Class is disappearing. The poor get poorer, lose their houses and become unemployed. The rich get bail-outs from the government, pay the equivalent taxes that middle/ lower class people do, and continue to flaunt their wealth by spending as much money as they can on shit they don’t need.

For example: buying a two-seater car worth $120,000 is a waste of money, especially if even a quarter of that money could sustain a small family for a year. But instead, some rich asshole needs a car to make up for his lack of penis, personality, social skills or all three.


The second finger: Uncommon courtesy.

Am I the only one who remembers the phrase “common courtesy”?

To me, it means treating others with a basic sense of respect and decency. It doesn’t mean fall over yourself to please someone, that’s just idiocy, or love (Funny how those two things are similar eh?).

It means treating others as you’d like to be treated. It means thinking beyond your little world and maybe doing something as simple as leaving a light on, or putting something back so others don’t have to scour the world looking for it, or doing something you know you have to do before someone yells at you repeatedly to make sure you do it.

I try to be thoughtful and courteous to others around me. But I have to say, it’s hard to do when some are totally oblivious of others. I used to think a lot of people I associated with regularly were of the same mentality as me. But I have recently discovered I was kinda wrong. Dealing with such indifferent and thoughtless behavior really brings out the worst in me.

It’s like a natural, self-defence mechanism I developed in high school. The only difference between then and now is that back then, I wouldn’t have done anything about it.

Oops, that may have sounded like a threat. It wasn’t. But it reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from the movie, “A Perfect World.”:

For those who don’t know about this Clint Eastwood-directed movie, Kevin Costner escapes a prison with a fellow convict and take a little boy hostage. At one point, the fellow convict tells Costner’s character he’s gonna kill him. Costner tells the convict that what he said was a ‘threat’. He then tells the convict that he’s gonna break his nose, which he does. He then tells the convict “That’s a fact.”

I always loved that scene. It always reminds me to never utter a threat. Just state the facts.


Third finger: Who spits on people?!

It seems the bus drivers for Ottawa’s OC Transpo need spit guards like they use at Subway. A lot of complaints have been made to their union and the company regard people spitting on them.

Who the hell spits on people?! Seriously! I wanna know!

Only people in movies who are morally outraged or about to die spit on people, and usually, the person being spit on is a bad guy.

But bus drivers? Why?

Even more hilarious, is the reason for these human spittle fountains for springing into action. One was told to stand behind the yellow line. Gasp! Another was told their bus pass was invalid. The horror! Another person threw a handful of pennies at the driver as their fare. When the driver asked them to leave, spit flew. There are other such tales of bus drivers trying to do their jobs and passengers being assholes.

My solution, hire bouncers for the buses. Or arm the drivers, a la Mad Max!

Ok, maybe just put security officer on the buses to ensure people don’t lash out. If someone does, the bus gets delayed. Not by choice, but because a passenger feels entitled to express themselves with a little expectorant. When the others on the bus see the zero tolerance, maybe they’ll smart their asses up!

But geez, spitting?! really? That’s just frickin disgusting.

Some people have mentioned that other places of the world spit, and that they are surely the ones to blame. Ah, so easy to blame the new-comers. Funny thing is, when I took the bus, the people I saw spitting most were teenagers, dumbass punks who thought it was cool, and girls!

There’s nothing, I mean NOTHING less attractive for a woman to do than spit. If she’s got a cold of something, fine. But to just spit for spitting’s sake?! Yuck!

*sigh* Ok, a feel a little better.


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