Tales from Sark’s World: Old New Ideas

A while back, I stumbled across some ancient relics. They date back to when I was a teenager.

Back then, I was a recluse geek. I wasn’t one for partying, I collected comics, and had an imagination that was running 24/7. Since I didn’t discover a proper outlet for my imagination, I created a superhero world with original heroes and villains fighting the never-ending fight.

Early on, I played out their battles using action figures, any action figures, from He-Man to Star Wars to G.I. Joes. The Joes were my favorites, since I could take them apart and put them back together to make new characters. I wrote down brief descriptions of my characters stories and adventures. I could spend hours playing out their adventures.

Later on, I eliminated the action figures and just began writing out their adventures on my newly acquired ol’ green screen computer. In this form, I could give more details of the characters and their adventures in a plot-outline form. Before that computer gave up the ghost, I was able to print out much of what I entered into the computer. The remainder stayed on those big, black floppy discs. Most of my ideas, stories and characters from back then have been saved and are still with me.

Jump forward to a while back. As I rummaged through some of my desk drawers, the same desk I’ve had since my green screen computer days, I find a couple old binders. In them, treasures from my youth.

One binder contained the log I kept of my characters adventures when I used action figures! It also contained pages of names and ideas for characters that I’d write down whenever something interesting would come up during a documentary on TV, a movie, in a book, etc.

It was like stepping back in time, to when I was a Marvel comic book geek. The characters, names and ideas were heavily influenced by comics. They were simple, straight-up superhero and super villain types, that honestly wouldn’t fit into the Infinatum I’ve created.

At least, not in this version.



Since then, things have been pretty fun, creating updated versions of these old characters, and thinking up an idea to incorporate then into the rest of the Infinatum, which has indirectly led me to expanding and continuing the Black Wave Event, and more importantly, thinking about what comes next.

Tada! I’ve reached the “point” of this instalment of Sark’s World!

Never, ever, EVER throw out an idea.

There are no bad ideas, just poorly executed ones. Ideas that were once thought old, childish, or dumb, just may need some time or distance to finally come into their own. After writing seven scripts, a nearly finished novel and reading more and learning more about characters, their depth and dimensions, I can look back at the characters I created when I was a teen and bring them into the 21st Century, give them more depth and character than  would have ever dreamed og back then.

Over the past week, that’s sorta what I’ve been doing. Sifting through the older characters and ideas, and updating them to the Infinatum. They may not be fully realized characters, but when the time comes that I need them, they can be reborn from the ashes of my teenager years.

So let this be a reminder to three or four of the twelve loyal readers, and those who stumbled upon this by accident, never throw out any old ideas, or ideas that don’t seem to fly at the time. There may come a day when they rise like the Phoenix and soar.


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