My Letter to a Movie Critic

After reading an article in the local paper about a local movie critic and his dislike of superhero movies, I had to send him an email, especially when he used a well known British actor as his stepping-off point.

Here’s the email I sent. I removed the critic’s name because, well, he isn’t my real target. & the target of my email wouldn’t give two shits about someone like me. Besides, I doubt he’s social media friendly.

Hi Movie Critic,

I read you thoughts on superhero movies, and although I disagree, I was more interested in the actor you quoted to make your point.

Tom Wilkinson is a terrific actor. Every role I’ve seen him in, he has been excellent.

But if he’s going to poo-poo superhero movies, perhaps he should remember some of the embarrassing movies he’s been a part of.

Rush Hour. Tolerable, but full of super-human feat of acrobatics, thanks to Jackie Chan & digitally removed wires.

The Green Hornet. He should be embarrassed just to be in that. But I’m sure the pay cheque was nice.

Batman Begins. A top-notch superhero movie that he should have mentioned instead of the X-Men. No “superhumans”, but certainly feats that seem superhuman.

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise hanging off the tallest skyscraper in the world &, well, Tom Cruise. Guess Mr. Wilkinson didn’t read those parts of seemingly superhuman daring-do.

My point is that Mr. Wilkinson, & all actors, shouldn’t shit on the parade they’ve been a part of. His point about Hollywood’s love of superheroes is valid. But to mock a genre which has padded his pocket in the past, and may do so again in the future, isn’t wise.

May I suggest, in the future, that you find a more dedicated example of the independent movie scene than Mr. Wilkinson.

Maybe Robert Redford is available.

Sarcasticus Rex


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