Tales from Sark’s World: Infinatum Updates

One thing unemployment grants you is a lot of free time, outside of job hunting and such.

With my novel, “The Black Wave Event” nearly done its first draft, I’ve been plotting the next step, which I may have mentioned here before. For those who don’t know, I’m currently plotting out the storyline for a seven book series that continues the adventures of the characters from the Infinatum.

I have some working titles for each book and an idea of what I want to do, so I thought I’d share a little about it…

Book 1: “Year 3”

So after the world didn’t end, what happened next to the heroes who tried to save the world? This is the story this book tells. It sets up a lot of storylines that will continue throughout the rest of the series.

Book 2: “Epsilon”

This book focuses more on one group, the Regulators, as they continue a storyline from book 1. They cross paths with others groups and individuals searching for irregular that the bad guys are looking to recruit. But things don’t go smoothly. It things went smoothly, it wouldn’t be a fun story to tell or read.

Book 3: “Pan-Dimensional Blues”

This book focuses on a few groups that operate in a more official capacity as they try to learn about new, potentially world threatening dimensional weak-spots. This allows  me to explore more of the alternate dimensional ideas and characters that is barely hinted at in the BWE. Plus, some seriously bad stuff happens here to hint at the events to come in future books.

Book 4: “Irregular Labors”

This book starts with a sliver of hope before I put all my characters through hell. This is the book that I’m currently developing the storyline for. This one also gets the hints and subplots from earlier books going.

I have ideas for the next three books, but I’ll keep them to myself for now. I sincerely hope that I can get these written and self-published online. These characters have been with me for so long, and I’ve resisted writing all these ideas that were floating around into a cohesive outline because I had so many other non-Infinatum ideas to work on. But this is my Star Wars, my epic characters and stories. If I don’t tell them, they’ll always haunt me.


Not that I don’t have enough to do, I’ve already plotted out what I hope will be an ongoing, online series featuring on of my favorite characters from the Infinatum, Andreas Pry.

“Pry” features Andreas as a private investigator, based in Las Vegas, and her two irregular partners. But there’s more to her than just what everyone sees, and during the course of the series, we learn about the past she’s hidden and how she fits into the rest of the Infinatum. Once “The Black Wave Event” is finished, and before I start the re-read and re-writing process, I plan to start “Pry” 


All of this doesn’t include the two feature film scripts that I haven’t completed, as well as new script ideas that I’d like to start.

The creating and writing, it #neverends.



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