Tales from Sark’s World: My Seven Scripts (2 of 2)

If you’ve read “Tales from Sark’s World: My Seven Scripts”, welcome to the rest of my seven scripts! If you haven’t read the taglines, loglines, pitches, and personal notes for my scripts “Pedro’s Coffee”, “Unsound”, “Through the Never”, or “The Regulators”, check them out after you’ve had a chance to read through these taglines, loglines, pitches and personal notes.

Recently, I’ve been all about the Black Wave Event, and my Infinatum book series. Before all that, I wrote scripts. So I thought I’d post the taglines, loglines, pitches and personal thoughts on the feature film scripts that I’ve finished. All are eagerly awaiting discovery! Read. Enjoy, or not. Comment. If you really like it, tell a friend, tell two friends! Tell those door-to-door sales people who are approaching your door right now, but make sure to do so in a wildly animated way, with a couple of knives in your hands. They’ll be sure to never return afterwards. 


Tagline 1: “For family. For Honor. For Vengeance. Ren MacCallum will be… Dauntless.”

Logline: An estranged son learns of his father’s betrayal at the hands of his close, underworld friend and decides to use his own skills as a hitman to seek vengeance.

Pitch: Dauntless is an action movie about the power of loyalty and family. Ren MacCallum is a miner by day and assassin by night, a profession unintentionally passed down from his father. Estranged from his family, he is called to his father’s death-bed and reminded of his duty to them. He also learns of his father’s betrayal at the hands of Montague, his father’s supposed close friend. Ren goes to New York City and, despite overwhelming odds, fights to regain his father’s name and honor, even if it means facing down some of the worlds most infamous assassins.

Personal Notes: This script came out of a song by Great Big Sea called “The Chemical Worker’s Song (Process Man)”. The feel of the song and the lyrics got this idea in my head of miners and the hell they go through and how it could parallel the life of an assassin. The parallel also works with the family as well. They may not like the work, but they are still proud. Honor and loyalty play an important part in this story, not just between the family but others in an otherwise unseemly business. I envisioned Ewen MacGregor as Ren. The action in the script was inspired by John Woo’s films, of course.

Dauntless Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon


Tagline: “What if everything you knew was a lie. Your life. Your past. Your humanity.”

Logline: A computer hacker, along with awakened cybernetic sleeper agents, seek the answers to their past, while pursued by the organization they are trying to get their information from.

Pitch: Cloaks is a sci-fi adventure about discovering the truth and whether it defines us. While searching for her father, Amy Grudowski found Cloaks. Cybernetic sleeper assassins living seemingly normal lives among the population, waiting for activation. Although controlled by the mysterious Silent Man and his organization, three have slipped their leashes, thanks to Amy. Together, they want answers about who they truly are and where they came from. It is a story of what the truth really means to people, how it can affect us and if it can define who we are.

Personal Notes: This was also an idea I wanted to develop into a comic book. But having a lot of characters in there already, I figured this might be better served as a feature film. I was partly inspired by the Anime “Ghost in the Shell”, as well as the Terminator (obviously), but I wanted to add a basic, average human element. It’s also one of my shorter scripts. It’s lean and tight. I could see sequels to this, or a series.

Cloaks Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon


Tagline: “A storm is coming.”

Logline: A girl with incredible mental powers, on the run from those who created her, seeks out people she accidentally endowed with their own latent mental powers.

Pitch: Psi-Storm is a superhero-styled action/ drama about a girl named Amaranth, who wields incredible mental abilities. While escaping those that created her, she accidentally unleashed the psionic potential within nearly two hundred people on a passenger jet. Years later, a low-life thug, Shep McQuade, is sent to kill a woman, but stumbles across Amaranth and a small group of people from the jet. Upon meeting, Shep and Amaranth share a connection, one that affects them both deeply. Both needs answers and perhaps a chance at redemption. Together, they become unlikely allies, seeking out other passengers and staying ahead of the secret consortium and their agents, the Advocates.

Personal Notes: Originally, this was an idea I wanted to develop into a comic book that would fit in with the rest of the Infinatum. It featured all Japanese characters and was very heavily influenced by Anime. But the idea of adding the character Shep McQuade into the mix changed the whole dynamic of the story. A sci-fi/comic book style story with a vigilante thrown in. It was also a way to introduce this world of psionic powered people through the eyes of a normal person. It’s an excellent starting off point for these characters, who have potential to expand and continue in another story or a series.

Psi-Storm Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon

Check out my other posting “Tales from Sark’s World: My Seven Scripts (1 of 2) for the other scripts).


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