Tales from Sark’s World: My Seven Scripts (1 of 2)

With all my talk of late about the Black Wave Event, and my Infinatum book series, I’d thought I’d post the taglines, loglines, pitches and personal thoughts on the feature film scripts that I’ve finished. All are eagerly awaiting discovery! Read. Enjoy, or not. Comment. If you really like it, tell a friend, tell two friends! Tell utter strangers on the street corner then get weird looks that warrant a call to the police! Or not.

Pedro’s Coffee.


“In one day, they will go from small-town nobodies to big-city nobodies.”

“They went for coffee and found adventure… and coffee.”


Two small town Canuckleheads travel to Toronto to search for the creator of the world’s greatest coffee, made by a man named Pedro.


Pedro’s Coffee is a Canadian-based comedy about two small town Canuckleheads, Raph and Murray, who save up $10,000 to go to California. But when Murray’s Mom loses it all at bingo, they retreat to their second home, the local coffee shop. Here, they hear the secret of the legendary Pedro and the incredible coffee he makes. They decide to venture to Toronto, where Pedro supposedly lives, to seek him out and his great coffee. But it’s not that easy as our caffeine-craving heroes come across specialty coffee shops, faux Chinese Mafia and the cult-like mentality of a globe-spanning department store.

Personal Note: Pedro’s Coffee took longer to write than any of my other completed scripts. But when I finished it, I had a great sense of accomplishment. It is the only comedy script I’ve written, but I have plans for others. Many of the main characters and pieces in the script were inspired by friends and things that happened to them, though greatly exaggerated. I was recently told that it reminded the reader of Porky’s, which I took as a compliment (as I’m sure that was the intention, lol). I saw it as a Canadian version of “Road Trip” or a lighter version of “Goin’ Down the Road”. There’s a solid idea for a sequel, featuring Raph and Murray going to L.A., but that’s a while off yet.

Pedro’s Coffee Copyrighted © 2000 Mark James MacKinnon



“For redemption, or for honor. Either choice will be his last.”

“The killer who ruined her life might be her only salvation.”


An infamous hitman is called out of his twenty-year “retirement” by an old friend to repay a debt by killing a young woman, who was the reason for the hitman’s exile.


Unsound is an action-packed drama that tells the story of two very different people, brought together by violence and death. William the Black, a retired assassin hiding from his past, and Jenn, a young woman drifting through her own life, still dealing with her past. Thanks to their chance encounter twenty years before, both have become solitary, lonely people. Now, with a contract out on Jenn and William brought back for one last kill, each has a chance to change their lives, to finally reach out for someone, even if it’s the person they’d least expect.

Personal Note: Unsound was inspired by some of my favorite actions movies. Leon (The Professional) and Hard-Boiled were probably the biggest. I read somewhere that most action scenes are written as “They fight.” I thought that was pretty lame. But having John Woo’s stylized action stuck in my head, I probably went overboard on the detail. But at its core, I think it has a great dramatic conflict, cool lead characters, and some cool action scenes, one of which I witnessed in the movie “Red”! Damnit! I also planned to include a character from another script as a cameo, to show these two stories had a connection, but I cut the character when I made him too interesting. It threw the readers. They wondered if this character was coming back. I still have that character in mind. He still might see the light of day somewhere down the road.

Unsound Copyrighted © 2001 Mark James MacKinnon.

Through the Never

Tagline 1: “Fear the Future.”

Tagline 2: “They never feared the future. Now, they do.”

Tagline 3: “He never thought he’d have revenge. Now he will.”

Logline: In the high security wing of a medical campus, a seemingly close-knit group of six students are hunted by a mysterious killer who seems to know more about them and their future then they do.

Pitch: Through the Never is a moralistic sci-fi thriller that looks at the classic concept of what is good and evil. As six bright and affable, medical students are on the eve of revealing a possible medical break-though, they are stalked through the corridors of their high-tech, high security campus by a seemingly unstoppable killer. In the course of night, truths are revealed about the “friends” and their motivation, as is the purpose of the killer. In the end, it’s how one perceives good or evil that will decide which side is right or wrong.

Personal Note: With Through the Never, I wanted to do my version of the Terminator. This seemingly unstoppable force going after unknowing victims. But that’s where the similarities end. I also wanted to question the notions of good and evil and what is perceived as such. Both sides are painted with defined colors at first. But as the story progresses, those colors bleed and become grey. In these times, the line between good and evil, or on a global/political scale, freedom fighter and terrorist, all depends on who you are and where you came from. I think that is the basic theme of this script.

Through the Never Copyrighted © 2001 Mark James MacKinnon

The Regulators

Tagline 1: “A new species of hero.”

Tagline 2: “To fight for and protect those who can’t.”

Tagline 3: “Irregulars. Humans. Together, they will fight for those who can’t.”

Logline: A former government agent, with the aid of animal/human hybrids and stolen technology, goes to save two allies from the powerful clutches of the Cat Clan.

Pitch: The Regulators is an sci-fi/superhero story about an unusual, but close-knit family of humans and “irregulars” (animal/human hybrids) rising to a challenge that has been a long time coming. When patriarch James Wallace learns of two allies being threatened by the mysterious Cat Clan, he knows he can’t remain idle, nor can his family. Together, using spirited-away, advanced technology, they will put their years of unity and training to the test. It is a story of courage and sacrifice, amid humor and heart-break, set in the world of fantastical characters and incredible action.

Personal Note: This is the script I really wanted to write since I first came up with the idea of the Regulators as a team. At the time, I was trying to think of a script that would be small, low-budget and hopefully, easy to sell. But that “easy-to-sell” script is incomplete. I wanted to have fun and finally tell these characters’ origins. Writing this script also made me realize I really enjoyed writing sci-fi/comic book-style stories. It also motivated me to continue working on the Regulator’s universe, the Infinatum. Despite being written a few years ago, and having written new projects, I believe this script is one of my best.

The Regulators Copyrighted © 2001 Mark James MacKinnon

Check out my other posting “Tales from Sark’s World: My Seven Scripts (2 of 2) for the rest.


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