Tales from Sark’s World: The First World

A few posts back, I mentioned discovering some old comic book-styled characters that I created back when I was a kid. I dusted them off, with no real idea how or where I would use them.

In the Infinatum, I have consciously tried to steer clear of straight-up superheroics, a la Marvel and DC comics. My idea is that the characters of the Infinatum would be based in reality, despite their fantastical origins. I tried to avoid the usual conventions of superhero stories and characters, like flashy costumes, and that pesky “death isn’t permanent” thing. Cause, honestly, that really cheeses me off. But I’ll rant about that another time.

But the older characters were made years before the Infinatum really began to gel into something. These older characters were straight-up superheroes. I even remember using names of characters from Marvel (my comic of choice back then). I was never pleased with that, so I began stockpiling names. Most of which I never got around to using and a lot I threw out because they were either used or just kinda lame.

Skip ahead to a year ago when I rediscovered these first characters. I began updating them, renaming them, giving them more depth because, quite honestly, many didn’t have much depth to begin with. But as I did this, I began to realize they really didn’t have a place in the Infinatum as I had envisioned it. They were too superhero-y. But I also liked these new versions of my old characters.

What to do, what to do…

The answer was kinda simple and right in front of me. These characters were the first characters I created, and should get that designation. That’s when my mind clicked into place. It involved an alternate world, filled with traditional, superhero-type characters. But something big happened, the world was threatened. A few characters saw the threat and did the only thing they could do, they re-wrote history.

But it wouldn’t be just any history being re-written, it would be the Infinatum. What followed would be the world that would lead to irregulars, the Black Wave Event, and so on. Within this world, those few that knew the truth remained. It would be considered the greatest conspiracy theory of all time. It would simply be known as “The First World”.

I may have hinted at too much already, but the telling of this story idea depends on the success of my novel ‘The Black Wave Event”, and its subsequent book series. When I mean “success”, I mean if anyone actually shows interest in my stories. As Joss Whedon said, he’d rather have a few hundred people who need to see his shows, than a few thousand who might watch his shows. Quality over quantity.

As it stands in my had and on a few pages of paper, this First World idea would span three books and, if “successful” would spawn more.

As I have become accustom to saying, it #neverends


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