Tales from Sark’s World: New, Improved, & Coming Soon-ish

To be honest, I haven’t been doing as much writing as I should.

Blame it on the heat wave, the drought, or my own laziness, I haven’t been working on my projects. So, as punishment, I made more work for myself.

I recently joined a website called Wattpad. It features, amateur, up-and-coming, indie, and plenty of other kinds of writers posting their works. A talented writer friend of mine, Marc Poliquin, told me of this site. He has a few of his works on there, including an intriguing story called The Fate Merchant. I have since joined this website and with joining it, I have decided to make sure I have stuff to put on there. So, here is a slate of work I plan to post on Wattpad.

“irregulars: Origin of the Species”: Yes, I have posted this story before. But one thing I was never crazy about was its semi-lack of focus. It did focus on these animal/human hybrids, known as irregulars, that play a pivotal role in the Infinatum, but there was another story that I thought needed to be highlighted, that of Dr. Osaka Lo, inventor of the process that created the irregulars. So, I’ve added some new parts and scenes, as well as a new ending chapter that goes far beyond where it previously ended.

“Tales from the Infinatum”: After posting this anthology, I used some of the stories in my revamp of the Black Wave Event novel. So, I thought I’d create some new stories and make Tales… a continuing series of stories featuring various characters from the Infinatum. Currently, there are two shorts that were posted before, but I have outlines for both that add a bit more to the story. I’ve also outlined two new stories, and as time passes, I hope to add more. But there’s something more within these tales…

“Tales from the Infinatum: Vigil of Parnassus”: This is something that came from an idea I really liked and wanted to do something with. As I worked on an outline, it began to grow and grow, enveloping some of the original Tales… stories I posted, as well as developing new ones. Unlike the regular Tales… anthology, this is a self-contained series that, once outlined, reminded me of the movie “Heavy Metal”. If you haven’t seen the movie “Heavy Metal”, or read the magazines, I highly recommend it. Vigil of Parnassus has various stories that are connected by one thread. It also pulls back the veil on the Infinatum, hinting at the powers behind the multiverse machine, as well as being a good lead-in to the Black Wave Event. It’s a big idea and series that I’m looking forward to starting.

I still have other projects…

“Pry”, my online series/ potential book is currently at part/ chapter 4. I’m also working on story/ plot outlines for what I hope will be my very ambitious, if not fool-hardy, Infinatum book series, which currently stands at book 5 of 7. I’m also beginning my roof-read and re-write of the Black Wave Event.

*sigh* I really wish I got paid for all this.

It’s a lot to do, but I have developed a schedule that will hopefully allow me to move forward with each project at a steady pace.

At least the goal of all this will be getting more exposure and interest in my work. I have a feeling of excitement at the ideas, and worry of the work-load I’ve created for myself. The one consolation is that much of Tales… and Irregulars: Origin of the Species, is already done. It just needs to be updated. Vigil of Parnassus and Pry will be the bigger works.

I think I’ve mentioned before my preference for writing in present tense. That will be something else that is tested, as some of these idea should be written in past tense. I think that will be the greater challenge.

But, as writers, and anyone who is creative, pushing yourself is a must. If you don’t challenge yourself to do more, try new things, work harder, you don’t grow. It isn’t easy and there may be set-backs. Sometimes, even that is necessary. It allows you to take a breath, to think on things. As long as you continue forward, those set-backs are just part of the process.

Looks like I got a lot to do. Better get to it, cause it #neverends


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