Some More Letters To… Ranting and Thinking

Dear People Who Leave Their Pets In Cars When Going Shopping;

You are assholes.

With the summer we’ve been having up here in the Great Brown Lawn (aka: The Great White North), leaving any living thing in your car while you feed your face or do some supposedly “quick shopping”, your pet, or in some cases kids, are boiling away in your car. It doesn’t matter if you leave the windows down, it’s gonna get frickin hot and suffocating!

I’ve seen a few Chuck Norris “Missing in Action” movies. One of the way they punish prisoners is by putting them in a small box and let them sweat and boil. It’s considered torture. So, when you leave your pet or kid in the car on a sweltering hot day, you are torturing them.

Maybe a law could be created to charge people with torture. That would be awesome!

Any excuses, “I was only in there for a second”, or “I wasn’t going to be long.”, that should just add to the sentence, because if your that frickin stupid, then you should be charged for being stupid.


Dude with a Crowbar, in the Parking Lot, waiting for Stupid People


Dear Winner-wanna-bes;

I’m not referring to people who strive to win or have won at the Olympics. I’m referring to the morons who complain about our athletes who don’t win gold.

These people, who belly ache about athletes winning silver, bronze, or not making it to the podium, are the kind of assholes that put undue pressure on our athletes, and make them feel like shit when they return home. Hell, the athletes don’t even have to wait to get home to feel bad, thanks to social media. These assholes can make the athletes feel like shit right away!

The assholes who do this are probably the same people who either failed at something and like to blame everyone else but themselves. Or, they are the same roly-poly, fat f**kers who couldn’t do anything but voice their whiney thoughts virtually from their Mom and Dad’s couch.

These people probably have no clue how hard it has been for these athletes. Many of the Canadian Olympians have full-time or part-time jobs, and train whenever they have free time. They work their asses off to do the sport they love. Getting to the Olympics isn’t a case of sign up and go. They have to compete against the best in the world. Getting to the Olympics is a serious achievement! Then, they have to put everything they have to compete against the best of the world.

If they finish top three, that’s awesome! If they give everything they’ve got and don’t, they should be proud, as so should all of us.


Proud Canadian


Dear Badminton Teams That Tried to Throw Game;


You suck!

Guess you didn’t understand the whole “competition” mentality of the Olympics. Ya know, doing your best, striving for excellence, and all that stuff.

At least you gave the Canadians a second shot. Appreciate that!

BTW, to any person or team who seems to play a certain way so they can lose and play someone else, and not the better team, you too suck! I may not be a sports guy, but even I know you play your hardest and your best. Even if you’re not the best team, there’s always a chance. Never count yourself out.


Triumphant Spirit


Dear Bruce Willis;

You are awesome!

Keep up the good work and make sure  “A Good Day to Die Hard” is awesome! Well, as long as it’s better than Die Hard 2, I’ll be happy.

No that Die Hard 2 was bad! But in my opinion, it was the weakest of the four.

Also looking forward to the Expendables 2, RED 2, and I might even see G.I.Joe: Retribution.

Keep up the awesome work!

Yours truly,

Fan, but not crazy fan. really I’m not.


Dear Negativity;

Over the past few months I have noticed how popular negativity is with everyone.

We may not always notice it, but it’s there. When we talk about people, pets, stuff on TV, virtually everything out there will eventually end up with a negative tone to it.  It can be as simple as telling a dog to shut up when it’s barking (which is what dogs are supposed to do, btw), or speaking ill of people for no real reason. It seems that negativity can crop up easily and without us even really knowing it.

I’m just as guilty as anyone else of using a negative tone when I talk. I used to vent my anger and negativity in social media, which only made things worse, alienated others, and showed to the world (well, my social network world) how petty I could be. Thinking back on those times, despite being in a bad place emotionally and mentally, it was still really stupid.

I think the trick to getting over negativity is understanding the words you say. Recently, I’ve tried to think more about what I say about people and to people. If it’s something I couldn’t say to their faces, or say in a constructive way, then it shouldn’t be said. I’m all for speaking one’s mind, but I’ve also realized that silence can be golden, and necessary. When you can form your thoughts in a positive way, then you can say wat needs to be said.

Sadly, negativity will always be around. But hopefully, if we can be more mindful of our thoughts and words, then maybe negativity will not be as popular. When that happens, it’ll be easy to spot, and in time, become something undesirable.




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