As a writer, I enjoy conspiracy theories.

It hints at a potential darkness within our supposedly superior First-World society. It also makes for great ideas for stories.

So when I heard about James Holmes and the massacre, I was shocked & heart-broken by the tragedy. But the writer-side of my brain began to think up ideas based on lack of info at the time, just as I did for 9/11. But one thing I never imagined was Obama’s involvement.

Immediately after the shooting, gun sales went up, and reports emerged about how if people in the theater were armed, the casualties might have been less. All of that sounds pretty pro-gun to me.

But if we’ve learned anything from Dubya’s time in office, the President is a figurehead, and holds no true power. All the real power lays elsewhere, behind the scenes, in backrooms, and at luncheons with the wealthy and powerful.

Dave Mustaine is just another right-wing extremist with a big mouth living in a country where he has every right to say what he wants.

Just like we have the right to think he’s an fuickin’ idiot.