The Creation Science Rant

When I was a little kid, I was a huge fan of Dinosaurs.

For those who may have had their nose in the Dead Sea Scrolls for the past few hundred years, Dinosaurs were creatures that lived over 65 million years ago, on an Earth that was very different from the one we know now. They ranged in size from animals the size of birds to the size of houses walking on legs like tree trunks. They covered the world, were diverse and very successful. They were killed in a massive comet or asteroid strike that struck the Earth somewhere that is now the Yucatan Peninsula.

If my Mom had been more strict with the religion as a kid, which at the time would have been Christian, I would have had a very different view of Dinosaurs. According to the Bible, as some devotees read it, the Earth is only a few thousand years old and the Dinosaurs died during the flood that Noah survived.

Even as a little kid, I found all that hard to swallow. But being an open-minded lil fella, I thought, “Well, maybe God was behind evolution.” See back then, I didn’t get the huge stink-eye I’d get if I mentioned such a thing.

The reason would be from people who believe in Creationism, which states that the world, the universe, and everything, was created by a supreme being, specifically the Christian God. While many people of Christian faith disagree with creationism, including the Catholic Church, there are some who truly believe that the events described in the Bible are an accurate description of the Earth’s creation and mankind’s arrival.

In March 2006, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowen Williams, the leader of the world’s Anglicans, stated his discomfort with teaching Creationism in schools because if Creationism is a theory to counter the Theory of Evolution, then perhaps the Bible was also a theory.

Which brings me to my point. The events in the Bible, whether real or exaggerated or whatever, are stories of faith. People who read them do so for spiritual guidance. They use it to help them through good times and bad. The words and passages within are meant to lift one up on high, to understand God and his teachings.

To my knowledge, the Bible isn’t a scientific text to be used to describe theories of the creation of the Earth. But many people seem to want to use the Bible as a scientific reference point to explain everything. These people have founded a pseudoscience called Creation Science. The purpose of this is to provide scientific support for the Genesis creation story in the Book of Genesis. But, more importantly, to disprove generally accepted scientific facts and theories about the history of the Earth, the universe and evolution.  

Personally, I just think some fundamentalist Christians were pissed off at the general acceptance of the Theory of Evolution, so they came up with their way of seeing the world, via their religious beliefs. Today, they uses whatever semi-factual science they can get their hands on to prove their point, even if means stealing quotes from respected scientists out of context and touting how they wish to open a line of discussion, only to shut out legitimate questioning from others.

The biggest problem  have with all this is how Creationist continually attack the Theory of Evolution, as if it were set in stone and is a proven fact. It’s NOT! That’s why it’s called a “THEORY”! If evolution had definitive facts and physical evidence to confirm the scientists’ theories, it’d be called the “FACTs of Evolution”!

Science is always improving. Back when the first Dinosaurs were dug up, many they were put together wrong. An example of this is the Iguanodon. They found a large spike and put it on the skeleton’s nose, only to discover later that it was actually attached to the hand where our thumb would be. Later scientific discovery confirmed the correction. Science isn’t perfect, but as the technology and the method of learning more, theories can change. That is the beauty of science, it’s never set in stone. It is flexible. Theories can change. People can have different theories, each based on scientific evidence, interpreted via different methods.

Creation Science doesn’t have that flexibility. There are various factions within Creation Science, but all have to adhere to the basic origin as dictated by the Book of Genesis. Their source of evidence for their argument is a book that was never meant to be a scientific text. That inflexibility automatically closes off any chance of sincere discussion about their beliefs. They can’t really have “theories”, they can only derive their ideas from “beliefs” and “faith”. You know the saying that there are two things you should never discuss with people is politics and religion? Well, how can you have an open discussion with someone about Creation Science when their entire argument stems from a religion? Trying to make them see your point of view is like trying to change someone religious beliefs. You may as well be talking to a wall.

So here’s a hypothetical: Imagine if scientists discovered evidence that there was a supreme intelligence behind the creation of the world. They would follow their scientific method to determine if their discovery was correct. If the roles were reversed, if a Creation Scientist discovered something that contradicted their own beliefs and theories, do you think he would study it more? Or bury it to protect his belief systems? That question has already been answered via Non-canonical Gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, Judas, and others. Despite giving a potential insight into the life and times of Jesus Christ, those in power within the Church eighteen centuries ago deemed them not worthy of acceptance as canonical, mostly due to their differing view  from the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. In short, if it doesn’t fit, despite its potential historic value, ignore it.

That’s the biggest frustration in dealing with someone who believes in Creation Science, no matter what you say, you will always be wrong, because their theory is based on religious belief. They aren’t out to seek answers like real scientists do, they are seeking ways to discredit and disprove a theory that the majority of scientists have accepted, until they can get more empirical and definitive proof. 

Add like those small-minded morons at the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at soldiers funerals, blaming their death on homosexual acceptance in society, they give average Christians a bad name.

Religion and science should be like religion and politics. They shouldn’t mix. Back in the day, when the majority of people in any place were of the same religion, there was a place in politics. Today, with populations being diverse and believing in their own religions, having a predominant religion running a town, city, province, state or country doesn’t work.

Science is the search for knowledge and facts using various proven and accepted methods to come to either a definitive conclusion or to create a majority-accepted theory that fits the conclusion.

Religion is the search for emotional and spiritual enlightenment  and guidance solely based on faith in either an intangible, omnisentient being or a philosophical ideal.

There may be evidence of other religions railing against science, but it seems like Christianity is the most prominent one to do so. I’ve never heard of a Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. version of Creation Science. If you have, I’d love to hear about them.

I guess I’ll never understand the reason behind religious people who fight so vehemently against science, or anything that’s different. I’ve always believed that, if someone had faith in their beliefs, then that is all anyone truly needs. If others believe something else, that’s fine, because people with unwavering faith have nothing to fear from science, or anything else.


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