iRant: We’re All Greedy Buggers

As I verbalize my brain farts into words via my fingers, people are laying on the streets of New York City. They aren’t protesting the fat cats that run the Republican party, or the banks for raking in billions on our backs, and they aren’t passively fighting for the rights of a group that is continually persecuted by small-minded idiots.

They are waiting to buy a phone.

Correction, an iPhone.

The iPhone 5 hits the stores today, and like the other iPhones before them, people are snap the  up, again. They’ll pour millions of dollars into Apples’ coffers, again. Just like they did not long ago.

Now as much as I begrudge the whole iPeople and their obsessive love for a little piece of silicon and plastic, I will admit this. The iPhone is a top-of-the-line smartphone. There’s a reason why they are popular, because they are well-made, well-supported, and flat-out, a better phone than the majority of the market.

But, so was their last iPhone.

Now this is where I get irritated, because I know people who will buy the newest phone, despite the fact their older one sill holds its own against many others!  This is why call these people iSheep. They are so desperate to get the next iPhone or iThing, they’ll step over their own mother to get it, regardless of the fact tat their current iThing still works great.

Maybe it’s because iPeople are actually in love with their phones. An article in PC Magazine told of a study of sixteen iPhone users, using a fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a device tat measure bran activity) to scan them while subjected to either audio or visual stimulus from their iPhones. The study revealed that people stimulated the same parts of the brain reserved for loved ones. With typical addiction to technology, different parts of the brain are activated. But these people’s reaction to their iPhone was similar to that of a lover or a family member.

Call me paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, but I find that kinda creepy, that an electronic device would elicit the same mental reactions as someone seeing a loved one. Makes me wonder if it is the people’s mental issue, or is it Apple’s design, whether purposefully or coincidental?

As we’ve all seen in the past few years, big business is never satisfied with making millions upon millions. If they can gain an edge on their competitors so they can make billions, they’ll do it. Example…

A column appearing in Forbes Magazine tells of a company on China, Foxconn, who are building the iPhone 5, that they recently pulled 32,000 “interns” from schools to work on the new iPhone 5. These interns, also known as students, or kids, although under government supervision, are being offered a “choice”: work in the factory or they won’t graduate. Apple isn’t the only company to utilize Foxconn, but they are probably their biggest company, especially with the new iPhone coming out. The fact that Apple would allow this practice of using students, just shows how important making money is.

But it isn’t just the worker that is getting screwed. Some consumers will pay $649 for the new iPhone. The total cost of all its components is approximately $190.

I would love to quote more iCrap, but to be honest, Apple isn’t the only company playing by these rules, were human dignity and welfare is ignored just so a big, global company can make billions. Just look around at the things around you. Microsoft. Samsung. Nike. Anything made in Mexico, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, or some other obscure Asian or South American country. All of them are made on the backs of people barely paid enough to live.

The argument rich pigs use is that these people can live on very little, so they don’t need comparable wages. Well, yeah! The people who work 18+ hours a day doing mind-numbing, back-breaking jobs do so enjoying going home to their shanty towns and sleeping on cardboard on top of the dirt floor.

People try to repeat the same things I’ve said here. But sadly, nothing will change. Because that would require a serious change in the comfortable living  Joe Average enjoy.

Most average, middle-class people in North America don’t want to work hard for little money, that’s what China and Mexico are for. But when big business goes to these countries, taking with them the jobs that bloated workers did for union-inflated wages, they bitch and complain as they drive their $30,000 gas-guzzling pick-up trucks back to a house that is beyond their means and stuff their cubby kids with KFC. Meanwhile, the people who willingly came to this continent, their university degrees ignored, do whatever job they find because they come from craptacular living conditions comparable to the workers who are doing former union jobs in Mexico.

Greed. That is what feeds it all. Companies’ greed for more and more. People’s desire to own the biggest, best, newest, loudest, whateverest, just because commercials and celebrities tell them if they don’t, they don’t matter. Government’s greed, here and abroad. Here; to ensure successful companies that stay get breaks, which, in turn, lead to financial support down the road Abroad; people are worked for nothing so companies will bring their work, thus boosting the government’s coffers.

Until greed is overshadowed by compassion and responsibility, the vicious consumer cycle will continue, and despite our best efforts, all of us will continue to be caught up in it, even those they rail against it.

Especially when they voice their anger with their newly purchased iPhone 5s.      



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