Tales from Sark’s World: Changes

“Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.” Richard Hooker, English Theologian

“The wind of change is blowing… whether we like it or not,” Harold Macmillian, British Prime Minister


Since October 2011, I’ve been all about changes. Some willing, other not so much.

Bankruptcy. Moving from a house to a room. Losing my job. Discovering that I’m not the best roomie. Looking for a job. Trying to find inner peace. Discovering my current job skills aren’t worth a load of Dingo’s kidneys. All the while, writing.

But September 24th brought change no one wanted. My Father’s passing.

I was going to write about my history with him, which wasn’t good, or favourable, for large chunks of it. But the things I’d say might not be kind. Suffice to say, in the last few years, we both changed for the better. Instead of knowing him just as a father, as seen through my sibling’s memories, I truly got to know him as I reached adulthood. I saw him as my father, but more importantly, I saw him as a man, flaws and all.

No one is perfect. Everyone changes. Everyone struggles. Everyone is flawed. We do what we can to make do with what life hands us. Sometimes life hands us everything, and we take it for granted. Sometime life takes it all away, and we forget to be grateful for what remains. Sometimes we struggle to maintain a tenuous order amid a world of continual changes and chaos.

Life isn’t about the ordinary, plain, sameness. If it were, there’s be no life on this world because it’d still be a ball of molten rock, as it was four and a half billion years ago (or a dark void a few thousand years ago, if you’re of Christian values). Life is about change. How we deal with these changes defines the kind of person you are.

I, for one, haven’t been good with changes this year. I’ve struggled against those around me, being an unwelcome intruder in their space, unable to mesh different ways of living, lifestyles, thoughts and opinions, and discovering how truly different familiar people can be.  How I’ve dealt with these changes hasn’t been productive, and not always wise.

Fortunately, I can change. It’s not as easy as just saying it, but it can be done. I can also accept others for who they are, despite their differences, as I hope they will accept me. Perhaps, I could even set an example that would motivate them to change.

But, like Richard Hooker said, change ain’t easy, even if it’s for the better. Hopefully, in this world of constant change and upheaval, I can adapt. If not, things will be more in line with Harold Macamillian’s quote, that things will change and we might be shit out of luck.


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