Letters to… Americans, During the Elections

Dear Americans;

So it’s election time down there, and it seems the vitriol can’t be escaped once again.

 Seeing the negative ads for both parties, against each other, makes me wonder how they could ever work together to make your country run smoothly? I know some may say it’s just the way politics is today, but that’s kinda sad isn’t it?The politicans may have thick skin, but they have long memories, or selective memories, or both. One side will dig up crap from over ten years ago just to make their opponent look bad, or make the people question the person they are behind. Apologies to any Republicans that may accidentally stumble across this blog, but it seems your party is the one spreading the hate around. That doesn’t excuse the Democrats for being opportunistic at the first chance they can get.

I’d like to say Canadian politics is better, but it isn’t. Up here, we have two parties that always seem to be at each others throats. They both take cues from American politics, with the so-called Progressive Conservatives seemingly inspired by Dubya’s paid-for reign as President Dumbass, and their former nemesis reduced to an annoyance. But p here, we have more than two parties, and the party that was always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the New Democratic Party (NDP), is now the opposition, and there’s a reason for that. One man, Jack Layton.

Layton was a smart, hard-working politician, like many of them. But during the last election, while the other two were slinging mud and acting like loud, mouthy brats on the playground, Layton was talking about change,  talking about what his party stood for and what they would do if elected. No mud-slinging. No attack ads. Layton and his party focused on what they would do, which is what politicians should be doing. That difference, in how they ran their election, was probably why they had such great success. Sadly, Jack layton lost his battle with cancer before he could sit in Parliament as official opposition.

I have no doubt that Jack Layton and the NDP’s positive election campaign played a big part in their success. I think people are tired of the crap being exploited and repeated during elections. Instead of digging up dirt, or finding new ways to embarrass someone, how about focusing on what they should doing, planning to help America regain its former glory. They won’t agree on everything, but for the benefit of the country, find a frickin middle ground!


Your Northern Neighbor

Dear Mitt Romney;

Welcome to te 21st century, where there are cameras and video recorders built-in to our cell phones. Where your pro-fat-cat speech can be uploaded and post on YouTube in minutes, depending on a person’s data plan.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if you had tried to dig yourself out of that hole, but damned if you didn’t! You stuck to your guns, righting-off 47% of America. Well, I don’t know if people told you, but if you ever did become president, you’d be leader of those 47%. Now I know that you know the wealthy part of that 47%, the ones that only pay the taxes on their investments instead of their actual income. But if you don’t get to know the majority of that 47%, the poor shlubs who works 18 hour days just to get by, the ones who can’t get jobs, the poor and homeless since the market crash that you probably didn’t even notice, you’re gonna have problems. Remember that Occupy Wall Street thing that you drove by in your limo? Well, if you truly ignore that lazy 47%, the country may become a more volatile place that will scar your presidency like 9/11 and the subsequent war that followed did for Dubya.

I could go on, but I’m sure you know how deep the hole is that you dug. Maybe you should just stay there and let Paul Ryan out in time for the next Republican nomination.


One of the lazy 47%, if I lived in America

Dear Barack Obama;

When they swore you in as president, I tried my best to listen to it on the radio. Not only were you a president that would make history, you were also desperately needed to fix the country after Dubya screwed it all up.

But people aren’t big on change, especially them white folks. Doesn’t help when you have Fox New spouting anything negative, placating their demographic of angry, ignorant, right-wing nutjobs.  

But you continued on, even bringing forth what was called “Obamacare”. Yet, many Americans didn’t like it. They’d rather shell out big bucks when they go to the hospital, instead of paying for their medical treatments through their taxes. We Canucks have been doing that for decades, and it’s great! We up here can’t fathom why Americans wouldn’t want it?! They talk about infringement of their rights or some nonsense. I wonder if they’d consider the huge bill they’d get after a visit to the emergency room at the hospital an infringement to their pocket-book?

But that is, sadly, the uphill battle you face sir. You have all the skills t be a truly great president, but if you are to make your mark on the country, not just now, but for the future, you have to stand firm and take the hits. Even if they knock you down, get right back up and keep fighting. Otherwise, you’ll be just a footnote that will get marginalized by the white guys that get elected years down the road.


A Canuck that would vote for Obama

Dear American Election Process;

What the fuck?!

How screwed up is your electorial system! How the hell can you let someone who doesn’t win a majority vote become president? America is supposed to be a beacon of democracy. It obviously isn’t when people, using an indirect voting method, to elect people from a slate of members the U.S. Electoral College, who in turn vote in the President and the Vice President. Seriously? That’s part of how it’s done! That just sound really complicated and undemocratic.  .

Here’s a kooky idea! How about the people vote for the representatives in their part of the county, state, whatever, and use that vote as a vote towards the president? That’s how we Canucks do it, and we haven’t problems like the one you had in 2000.

Get your shit together America.


Disbelieving Canuck


2 thoughts on “Letters to… Americans, During the Elections”

  1. Good to hear from you, man. As a Brit living in Brazil who’s gonna be moving to the US next year, I’ve finally got a vested interest in the outcome of a presidential election after 8 years of treating it as alternately hilarious and tragic theatre. Given that the current GOP is a horrible, surreal joke I’m strongly rooting for an Obama victory, which the current polls suggest is a good bet. But 5 weeks is a long time in politics, so I won’t be holding my breath.
    But as a citizen of the world, the idea of President Romney sitting down at Camp David with Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Iran TERRIFIES me.

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      It has been quite hysterical to see and hear all the crap that gets spewed out. I tried to be balanced, but honestly the Republicans seem to do the most negative ads. But with Romney continually shooting himself in the foot, an Obama win seems more and more likely. But like you said, a lot can change in 5 weeks.
      I also agree with that whole idea of a President Romney having a sit-down with Netanyahu, especially with the spike in agressive talk towards Iran. Romney’s tour of Britian and Europe around the Olympics just showed how out-of-touch Romney is with the world.

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