Its been a busy few weeks, and not always in a good way. But as I mentioned in a recent blog, things change. They always change. More change is on the way, but this will be a positive thing. I’ve enrolled in a one year course that I’m hoping will get me a better, more secure job in the future.

During that one year, my writing may suffer, depending on the work-load. That is why, for the next month and some, I’m gonna do what I can to get some of my works ready to publish online! So, I thought I’d run down my writing work-load as way to hopefully spark some interest in you, my dear blog readers and followers, to tune in and read on.


“Pry” (#Pry)

Originally, I was going to write an online series featuring this character and her adventures within the Infinatum. But with all the other projects, I didn’t want to commit to it. So, I collected all 17 episode outlines into seven stories, the first of which, “Pry: It’s Just a Job I Do”, has always been posted to Wattpad. Here’s the link. If its not clickable, hopefully you can just copy and paste…’s-just-a-job-i-do

I’ve already written the second and third stories, so once they are rewritten and proof-read, I’ll be posting them too. After that, it’ll depend on what else I’m working on. But, while out for my walk this morning, I thought up a story for what would happen after the end of the stories I’ve plotted out. So, depending on whether or not people like Pry’s adventures may influence if I continue work on her stories sooner or later.


“Irregulars: Origin of the Species” (#IrregularsOotS)

This is another series I wrote a while back, but have since went back to it to improve and expand on it. Originally, it was going to be a more of an anthology, but I began to link some stories together. So, I said screw it, and a went back to re-write the stories, focusing on one character, the creator of the process that creates the Irregulars, Dr. Osaka Lo. I added a basic origin story for him, as well as a piece at the end that I think is pretty cool, and mysterious. This version feels more complete and cohesive than before. It also focuses more on who Dr. Osaka Lo is, a character that will have a bigger role in the grander scheme of the Infinatum.


“Tales from the Infinatum” (#TalesInfinatum)

I wrote a version of this, featuring various characters and stories from the Infinatum. Then, as I was writing my novel, “The Black Wave Event” (BWE), I sorta borrowed some of these stories and incorporated them into the novel. I also developed other stories to add. So, I figured, why not make this an ongoing anthology. I’m always coming up with ideas for characters within the Infinatum. With “Tales…”, I could come up with stories, plot them out, and write them whenever. Once done, I’d post at my leisure. The other cool thing is that they wouldn’t necessarily have to be within whatever continuity I was currently working on. They could be pre-BWE, post-BWE, set far in the past, or far in the future. Which brings me too…

“Tales from the Infinatum: Vigil of Parnassus”

This part of the “Tales…” anthology would be a series within it, featuring characters and events that happen within the Infinatum, but seen through one character and apart of a larger, over-all storyline. It is sort of an origin story for a group of characters I hope to use later on, after the BWE has been published/ posted. If I don’t get that chance, then at least I’ll have written this.


“The Black Wave Event” (#theblackwaveevent, #BWE)

Haven’t had a chance to start proof-reading this, still trying to bask in the glow of a completed novel… but yes, it’s waning. So, I’m going to get back to that soon as well. When my course starts, it might be the easier of my projects to focus on. Logic also dictates that the longer I hold off reading it, the more fresh my read will be, and hopefully, the better I can make it.


Infinatum book series & other stuff

Oh ya, I’m also developing that sci-fi western idea, and plotting out a storyline for what happens after the BWE. Cause I don’t have enough to do!  Not to mention the script ideas and plot outlines I’ve developed for them. It would just be simpler if someone just paid me to do this all day. Well, until that day, I’ll keep writing and working… and hoping to win the lottery!