Tales from Sark’s World: Positive Procrastination?

Writing schedules. Calendar reminders. Sticky notes. Project list.

All aid in trying to keep me on track with my various projects.

Notice I said “trying”. It’s better than failing!

The past few weeks haven’t been as productive with my current projects as I’d like. I have reasons! Ok, more like excuses. But they are somewhat valid.

A few weeks back, I was less than a month from starting a course that would train me in career that is more in need than what I used to do, which was a driver, warehouse stooge, and under-used shipper/receiver. There are actually jobs out there for this new career, so I was a mixed bag of excited and nervous. That turned to stress as my course start-date was pushed back. So my mind was preoccupied with figuring out what to do next.

This week, things are more-or-less straightened out. So, I can get back to finishing my projects. That’s not to say I did nothing. 

I try to walk 5km each day. That’s like a mile and change for my Imperial American friends. During these walks, my mind wonders and thinks about various things. One thing I haven’t been thinking or working on is my Infinatum book series. But this week, my mind came back to it.

The Infinatum book series is what I hope to continue on once the Black Wave Event is published. It will continue the story of the world after the BWE. I have already rough plotted out the first 4 books, and started the 5th (there’ll be 7 in total. Aren’t I ambitious!). The night before my walk, I watched to fascinating documentaries; “An Unreasonable Man” and “The Corporation”. As I reflected on those, a kernel of an idea began to form. Watching “Capitalism: A Love Story” solidified that kernel into an idea. It also lead me to bridge the gap that had formed between where I stopped plotting out my book series, to where I wanted to end. It may not have been writing, but it was good.

The other idea I developed was one that I had plotted out already in a screenplay form. Its origins came from the Infinatum, and a couple of years ago, I plotted it out, based on this wicked visual of a massive air battle consisting of aircraft and battleship-sized flying war machines, and how a hapless crew of pan-dimensional explorers stumbled upon it. There was more to it, of course, but it helped push the idea through. But recently, with my other ideas extending out from the Infinatum (Vigil of Parnassus and Strange West), I realized that this idea would fit right in. Also, the original Infinatum idea was well integrated into rest of the Infinatum, so it was like “well duh!”. So, the Infinity Galleon was started. I’m using the script plot outline as a basis to create a story with a definite beginning and end, but room to continue.

As for my other projects…

The first story of my Infinatum character “Pry” was published! Who’s Pry? Andreas Pry is a bounty hunter in Las Vegas after the Black Wave Event. With her irregular partner, Dane, and telepathic pooch Fen, they make their mark in a city which has returned to the mob’s influence. It’s got action, comedy, a lot of geeky pop-culture references, and an under-current of drama.

 “It’s Just a Job I Do” is available on Wattpad. Here’s the link (hope it works):


If you know Wattpad, just seek out “SarcasticusRex”. I have three more stories of Pry that I’m rewriting and preparing to post on Wattpad. There are more stories, but they’ll have to wait.

After Pry, I have two other projects to post/ publish online. “Irregulars: Origin of the Species” and “Tales from the Infinatum”. When they get closer to being finished, I’ll tell you more about them.

As you can see, it #neverends!



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