Let’s Rant About Sex and Abortion!

I’ve talked about politics and religion, two subjects most people don’t like to talk about. So I figured it was time I talked about abortion. But to get there, we have to talk about sex.

Sex can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, people are doing it at younger and younger ages. Who’s to blame for this? Is it the right-wing idiots freaking out that they don’t want their kids to know about sex, leaving thousands of other students clueless, and right-wing girls pregnant? Maybe its parents. They’re supposedly mature enough to have sex, yet they don’t want to talk to their kids about cause it’s “uncomfortable”. Ya know what’s more uncomfortable? A 14-year-old girl who is 8-months pregnant.

Last week, I saw an Amber Alert on the Boston news station about a 14-year-old girl who was missing. She also happened to be 8-months pregnant. Potentially, she could have been 13-years-old when she got knocked-up.

Any parents who have girls that age, think about that. 14-year-old girl. 8-months pregnant.

Basically, her life is severely screwed up. No childhood for her! She’s gonna be a Mom! And you can bet the 16-year-old who knocked her up and abducted her (or may have run off with her, instigating the Amber Alert), is over-joyed at the thought of his potential post-secondary education is gonzo. Poof!

Even if they both get their shit together and become responsible adults and parents, a part of them will always wonder what their life might have been like, and deep down, resent what happened to them. Sure they’ll love their kids, but that kernel of knowledge will always be there.

There is a way out for some young girls and women who find themselves pregnant. It’s called abortion.

Up here in the land of the free and home of the brave, Canada, abortion is legal, but its detail vary from province to province. Even the Conservative government has people within it that are pro-choice. According to a poll taken back in 2001, 54.5% of respondents agreed with the idea that “only women should have the right to decide to have an abortion,” while 38.5% disagreed.

In the land formerly known as the land of the free and home of the brave, America, it’s a different story. Between Roe Vs. Wade, Planned Parenthood Vs. Casey, and the parties and presidents, it’s a big frickin’ mess. That’s not even mentioning all the religious right-wingers stomping and fuming over when life starts, which, accord to them, is at conception. This from the same group who say it’s a sin to think about thinking about sex, and used to say it was a sin to eat fish on Friday.

All the polls, religious nutjobs, and court cases don’t really matter. In the end, first and foremost, it should be the choice of the woman. Whether it’s for health issues, or an unwanted pregnancy, it is the woman’s body. It is her choice. Having said that though, there comes a time during the pregnancy where the fetus is more than a bunch of cells. This is STILL up for debate?! You’d think with all our knowledge, they could figure this shit out.

Last week, even Hollywood waded into the murky waters. A TV show called “Parenthood” depicted a young girl wrestling with choice of having an abortion or not. Her boyfriend was against it. In the end, she went through with it.

Probably a millisecond into the commercial after abortion was mentioned, anti-abortionist were all over the show’s producers and Twitter voicing their disapproval. One mentioned how they saw a lot of heartbreak and crying. Others just bitched and complained about liberal morals and so on and so forth.

I never saw the episode, but the fact that the female character, and those around her, were upset, felt heartbreak, and cried, just proves how serious a subject this is, especially for the woman going through it. I wonder if anti-abortionists think women who have abortions do it on a whim. Maybe they see them as soulless creatures eager to snuff out the potential of life growing within them. Maybe they think these women consider it akin to getting a flu shot, or a check-up.

There will be women who treat it like that, whether because they are so mentally f**ked up to begin with that this is just another thing in their crappy life. But most aren’t like that. Most are average women. Young woman. They are probably freaked out, scared, and terrified at what they have to decide. Even if they know it is the right decision, doesn’t make it easy, or one they’ll forget. They may be haunted by their choice. They may always wonder “what if?…”.

Fact is, they should be emotionally torn up. Yeah, sex is fun. But there are serious consequences to it. Very serious. If in the heat of the moment, if both the boy and girl had a flash of the potential future. One where she’s either pregnant, or planning to have an abortion. One where he’s working a crap job just to support her, or having adult thoughts about children and a family that could have waiting until he was in his twenty’s.

Maybe sex education in school, besides being mandatory, should also focus on not just how to do it, but the consequences as well. And I don’t mean some lame watching-over-an-egg-in-place-of-a-baby project. I mean trips to hospitals to watch an actual birth, real-life experiences with an actual baby, and anything else to show them how all-encompassing having a baby truly is. Also, some frank and vivid education on sexually transmitted diseases as well!

To those religious people who would be shocked and offended by such education, I’m sure there are other schools where they teach what you would call “proper values”. But when your kids get knocked-up, and you wonder who to blame? Look at yourself and your choice of education.

Studies continue to show that teens are hitting puberty sooner. If we don’t want actual kids having babies, then we need to do more than rant incessantly, there needs to be serious talk, and serious change.


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