Tales from Sark’s World: Projects for 2013

Another year rolls on in, full of promise for a year of…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said all that before.  Or words to the same effect. Yet at the end of each year, I always find myself behind in what I wanted to complete. This year won’t be much better, but at least I’ll have a reason!

Last year I was hit and miss. Accomplished a few good things. I finished my novel, “The Black Wave Event”. I began plotting an ambitious multi-part/ book continuance of the BWE. I came up with new characters, stories and ideas to work on. I even posted/ published the first story featuring a character from the Infinatum, Pry. “It’s Just a Job I Do” is the first in at least four-story arc.

But, it always seems like it is never enough. And this year, I’ll have an obstacle to slow my work down.

Starting in February, I’ll be taking a year-long course in a new career, cause the year-plus of unemployment made me realize my current experience just ain’t cutting it. It will be a hard course and take up a lot of my time. But the out-come will hopefully lead me to a job that will be more stable. Thus, allowing me to refocus my free time back into writing. Cause I do have a lot to do.

So, here’s an outline of my future projects…


“The Black Wave Event”

The novel is actually done! I felt quite proud of myself. But I still have a lot of work to do. Although most of the stories are self-contained, there is a mythology to the Infinatum that I’m continually expanding on, including a surprisingly rich history that was rolling around in my head, but never put to paper. Plus, with my plotting future instalments, foreshadowing is on my mind as well. As I proof-read, I’m making notes and re-writing. But there will come a point where I’ll have to say “It’s done!” I don’t wanna George Lucas/ Hans-shoots-first! ruin it.

Also, as I network and connect with other writers, I’m looking at making sure my first published book, whether it be online or, well, it’ll just be online probably. But I want to make sure it’s done right, even if that requires a little cash.


“Infinatum” book series

The reason I started writing my characters in prose was because the other mediums of choice, scripts and comic books, were difficult. It is still my hope tat I will someday collaborate on writing my characters and the Infinatum in comic book/ motion comic form. But until then, I just want to tell their stories.

Thing is, there is more to tell than just the BWE. I figured if I could actually complete an actual novel, why couldn’t I write another, continuing their adventures. Then, as with much of what I do, it grew, and grew. Now, the Infinatum book series stands at seven. Seven more books?! Well, hopefully, they’ll be shorter than the BWE could potentially be.

But even that isn’t the end! A while back, I began developing a few ideas that expanded the scope of the Infinatum. I’m still not sure how much further it will take me, but I’m willing to write it. Just hope there are those who will want to read it. Well, it would be nice.


“Irregulars: Origin of the Species” and “Tales from the Infinatum”:

Before I can publish the BWE, I have two other things I’d like to publish/ post. “Irregulars…” has already been posted, but I expanded on it, putting the focus on one character, Dr. Osaka Lo. I also posted some stories under “Tales from the Infinatum”, but some have been co-opted for another story. So now, I have revamped older stories and brand-new stories to write and post under that banner.

I also hope to use the “Tales from the Infinatum” banner to post some larger stories much later on. “Vigil of Parnassus” is an origin story that truly spans all time. “Strange West” is the Infinatum’s version of the sci-fi western. “Infinity Galleon” is an origin story of survival in multiple hostile worlds throughout the Infinatum.

The beauty of the “Tales…” banner is that I can write any stories, set anywhere, anytime, within the Infinatum. It has a lot of potential, which I look forward to working on over the next few years.


“First World”

I may have mentioned this before, but many years ago, when I was a kid, I had a whole universe of comic-book-inspired characters. Back then they were mostly rip-offs of Marvel characters. I had story and characters outlines for heroes and villains that were as vivid as those in the comics I collected.

A few years ago, I rediscovered them. After much updating, I found I had yet another piece for the Infinatum. But I just didn’t want to drop them in the middle of a world that I had created that wasn’t a typical superhero-type world a la Marvel or DC. But, as an idea developed, I soon learned that the Infinatum is vast, and eventually, this old idea would crash into my newer ideas.

Whether it will be under the “Tales…” banner or not will be determined much later. But even now, I spurs my imagination!


There are other projects, likes scripts I’ve developed that are waiting to be written. But right now, the Infinatum is where my attention is going. It is the place I know best, with my best characters, creations and ideas. There was a time where I thought focusing on the Infinatum was a waste of time. But despite working on other stuff, I always came back to it.

Now, for better or worse, I’m stuck with it, til the end.

Stay tuned!


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