Tales from Sark’s World: Irregulars: Origin of the Online Short Story

I may have blogged about this before, but I’m old and forgetful, so here it might be again…

A while back, I wrote and posted, in a limited sense, a short story serial called “Irregulars: Origin of the Species”. It was originally a story of how the species of note within the Infinatum, “Irregulars”, came into existence. At the time, it was satisfactory, but kinda of directionless.

Later on, I revisited the stories and began to see a better way of telling the origin of these beings, through the life of their inventor, a man named Dr. Osaka Lo. In the original version, he only appeared in three of the five stories. Personally, it was a missed opportunity. But once i realized this, I decided to make amends.

Soon, the five-part serial grew to seven chapters of a short story. It focused on Dr. Osaka Lo, telling of how he invented the process with create Irregulars, through to the end, and beyond. Currently, I’m finishing up chapter 7, with hopes to post it online after the last two parts of “Pry”. But here’s a teaser for each chapter of “Irregulars: Origin of the Species”.

Chapter 1:

Dr. Osaka Lo, a lowly lab assistant, is at a crossroads. He waits to meet a mysterious man who may be the financial answer to his prayers. He is desperate to shed his mediocre life, but fears what might happen if the truth of his proposal is ever discovered.

Chapter 2:

Dr. Osaka Lo has made great strides in his work. But to secure future funding, he must prove his successes to his financial backer, a man known either as an economic genius, or a criminal mastermind. When a shocking event occurs at one of his labs, Osaka must decide what is more important, his ambition or his morality.

Chapter 3:

A story of one creature and how it deals with becoming an irregular.

Chapter 4:

We see Osaka at the pinnacle of his success and the man he has become, much to the dismay of his old friend and colleague.

Chapter 5:

An example of Osaka’s process, taken to the next level by one of his former assistants.

Chapter 6:

Osaka’s process taken to the extreme, and destructive climax.


The last journal entry in Osaka’s journal, who is reading, and where.

As the stories come closer to completion, I may post more info about each chapter, maybe even some excerpts.

Until then, stay tuned!

Irregulars: Origin of the Species, Infinatum, Irregulars, Dr. Osaka Lo Copyrighted © 2010-2013 Mark James MacKinnon.
Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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