Two Examples of Big Corporations That Don’t Give a S#!t

Two news stories came up that made me want to write about how things need to change in some business circles. Yes, I know there a lot of issues all around the world, but these two are close to home, and kinda mind-blowing in their indifference and insensitivity.

First off, we have a woman, Carla Cheney, a Wal-Mart employee, who was fired from her job because she confronted a man about leaving his dog in his truck on a hot summer day.

Recently, there have been two incidents where a toddler/ child was left in a sweltering-hot car. Sadly, one incident resulted in the child’s death. The other, the child was saved when police were called. But there are many more such incidents that occur every summer. The same can be said about pets being left in hot cars. It seems that people totally forget about these things happening through the winter. It’s like when the first snow falls, there are tons of accidents because people forget how to drive in snowy conditions, despite the fact they did it just a few months ago.

But this incident with Carla Cheney seems even more bizarre, not because she confronted the Wal-Mart customer about leaving his dog in the truck, but because she was fired for confronting the customer about it!

According to the CBC news report, after confronting the man, Carla was called into her manager’s office and asked about what happened. She was then told to tell the manager about any future incidents. When she said she wouldn’t, and that she would report any other similar incidents to the police, she was fired on the spot. According to her, she isn’t the only person to be fired for such reasons. Another employee was given their two-weeks notice for confronting a customer about leaving their pet in their car. The reason for the firing, according to Carla, was being rude to a customer.

Whether she was on-duty or not doesn’t matter, Carla should NOT have been fired, or the other employee. Does Wal-Mart really put the quest for the almighty dollar, and maintaining good relations with ALL customers, above the safety of a living being? Or is it just the manager of this one store? I intend to find out. And anyone reading this should do the same.

If you shop at a Wal-Mart, go in and ask to speak to the store manager. Ask them what their policy is on animals or children being left in a sweltering-hot vehicle. If an employee brings it up, are they scolded? Are they fired? If that is the case, I urge you to tell everyone you know that Wal-Mart doesn’t give a shit about you or the things you value, like your children or your pets. They only care about pleasing everyone. They want to be a friendly, happy place to shop, even as some stupid people leave their kids and pets to die in their cars.

Am I being over-dramatic, not as much as you think. Just imagine if you tried to please everyone you came across. It’s not gonna happen. So why does Wal-Mart care if they lose a customer or two in return for saving the life of some poor pet or someone’s child? If I knew my local store gave some inconsiderate jackass a scolding for leaving their pet or kid in their hot car, I’d shop there more often.


The second news story has to do with a mother who lost her son in an accident two years ago. Her son crashed into a CN Rail train. He was killed, and six passengers on the train were injured. The cost of the accident to CN Rail, $400,000. The cost to the mother, she lost her son. As the saying goes, no parent should EVER bury their children.

But CN Rail doesn’t see it that way. On the two-year anniversary of her son’s death, Sharon Jobson was served with papers. CN Rail was suing her for $500,000 for damage and delays. Guess CN Rail doesn’t have insurance. But this mother, trying to carry on without her son, has $500,000 lying around to hand out to some big, national corporation.

All of this, despite the fact that the Transportation Safety Board mentioned that buildings located near the railway crossing and vegetation along the track prevented both him and the train crew from noticing each other well in advance of the crossing. They also suggested that train’s horn needed to be upgraded.

Yes, Sharon’s son caused the accident, but what good does it to sue the mother? How will trying to wring half a million dollars from her make things better for CN Rail? Because it won’t just be the money, it will also be the cost of lawyers, time away from work, emotional distress, etc. How does CN Rail see this as a wise thing to do? How blindly ignorant, how greedy, are the people behind this lawsuit?!


In the case of Wal-Mart and CN Rail, both are an example of a company putting money above people, whether they are employees or a grieving mother.

What’s more disturbing is how often this kind of thing happens that we don’t hear about. How many other people are fired because they talked back to a customer for being rude, inconsiderate, mean, or abusive? How many other families suffer in silence when big corporations flex their litigious muscles to squeeze everything they can out of someone’s livelihood.

Bullying is a popular topic these days. Well, that’s what Wal-Mart and CN Rail are doing. They are being bullies. They throw their weight around, causing others grief, all so they can get a little more power over their employees, or get more money from people who don’t have any.

You, reading this, have a way to help stop this. Be vocal. Tell others. Enlighten those around you. They may scoff at you, but always be vigilant. If you don’t, all those science fiction books, movies and TV shows that show a world dominated by corporations, and the rest of us little more than slaves, will come true.

By the way, it’s always started.

Don’t let it finish. Be wary. Be wise. Speak out!

Here’s the link to the Wal-Mart story…


Here’s the link to the CN Rail story…


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