Tales from Sark’s World: Never Enough Time

In case I didn’t mention it before, I’m currently enrolled in a course where I’m learning to become a Pharmacy Technician. Up here in Canada, specifically Ontario, there are laws in place where a Pharmacy Technician needs to certain training, and eventually, once the course is done, to be registered.

It is an interesting course, and I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll know all the stuff I need to know like the back of my hand, allowing me to do my job well. This, in turn, will enable me to help others.

Until then though, there are days when I question the whole thing. There are other days when I miss writing.

With my work load, I haven’t been able to do as much writing and proof-reading as I’d like. I did have two weeks off recently, and thoroughly enjoyed that time! But during my course, it can be hard to fit in time for everything.

Thankfully, I have many means to do little things here and there that make me feel I’m still working towards my various writing goals. But honestly, if I told my high school self that when I was closing in on my 40th, that I’d be doing homework, my teenaged self would have been quite depressed. lol

Add to all this the fact that I’ve actually started going to a gym! Yes, I actually work out. If I had told my teenaged self that too, my teenaged self would have laughed and laughed.

But the course and the working out is all pointing towards a positive outcome. I want to be gainfully employed in a career that I want, instead of just the one I picked out of the paper or off the internet. I also want to enjoy my future years, not worrying about whether I’ll get Diabetes or some other weight-related illness. I want some financial stability and my health, so that my next 40+ years will be enjoyable, and not a burden for me and my family.


When I have time, I’ve been pecking away at various ideas and stories….

I intend to have another proof-read through my novel “The Black Wave Event”. Once my course is completed next year, then I’ll start looking to publish it. Since it is turning out to be the first of hopefully more stories set in the Infinatum, I want to make sure everything is set up and foreshadowed.

I completed my infinatum book series outline. But even before I was finished, I had an idea of how to tell the stories of all these characters from the BWE, plus some new ones. For the follow-up to the BWE, I want to re-introduce the characters, and the world they inhabit, three years after the (almost) end of the world. I also wanted to have them to be inter-connected. The new idea I have will also reveal more about their world, and the ominous forces that are at work. Thanks to plotting out up to seven book ahead, I can see how I want to the story to flow, and ensure that things that happen early on make sense later on. It’s gonna be like putting together a puzzle, which I’m looking forward to!

Like the Last Boy Scout, I want to be prepared. I honestly have no idea if any of my ideas will see the light of day, if there isn’t enough interest in the BWE novel. But that isn’t stopping me from thinking beyond book seven of my Infinatum book series. I have ideas that are apart from the other ideas, and may connect at a future point. All of these will fall under “Tales from the Infinatum”. The ideas for these stories include adventures in alternate dimensions, and in the past. I also have ideas for short stories about other characters that take place either before or just after the BWE.

I’m also hoping to put something together as a submission to a comic book publisher. No, I’m not aiming for the Marvel or DC. I’d rather try my luck with up-and-comers, people still hungry to publish something different and original. If I can figure a way to post some of my comic book scripts for my Infinatum stories and titles, I may post some on here.  But this may not happen until after my course is done.


Hopefully, by then, I’ll have a little more time.

Until then, I’ll do what I can.


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