Say No to Yes People

Once upon a time, people kept their opinions and thoughts to themselves, unless they were pressed or drunk. Of course there were people who didn’t have that little voice that told them they probably shouldn’t call a loved one a professional victim. These kind of people felt it was their right and our privilege to hear about whatever they thought about everything, regardless of how much we didn’t care, or how exaggerated their tale was. The good thing about those good ol’ days was that if you weren’t around them, you didn’t have to put up with that crap.

Not anymore!

Thanks to the internet, people can continually ramble on about anything and everything. First it was in chat rooms and forums. But now, thanks to social media, it’s everywhere.

Hell, that’s what I’m doing right now!

But, thankfully, you can still tune out those kind of people, by blocking their posts, blogs, or whatever. And to be honest, I totally respect that right. I post a bunch of stuff, some silly, some thoughtful (hopefully), and some that gets people’s goats. But if they tune me out, that is fine with me. Honestly, most of my blogging and rambling is for me anyways. It’s a release valve. Being a writer, it’s also a good way to try to keep my fingers nimble and active.

But I digress…

The people who feel the need to tell everyone how everything else is wrong and they are right, also have another problem. They aren’t ever wrong. If you bring up a point, nope, you are still wrong.

This makes those people real jerks. Or real insecure.

Here’s my reasoning, such as it is…

People see their opinions as an extension of who they are. So if someone disagrees with their opinion, well that person thinks they are worthless, or stupid, or that the other person is against them or whatever other foolishness. There may be cases where sadly, that is the truth. These morons are the kind of people of “Like” something on Facebook just to cause shit and spread negativity. They are pretty stupid so I’ll not talk about them again.

Luckily, there are people on FaceTumblrTwittergram that we would call “friend”, whether that ranges from close friend and dear confidant, to an acquaintance with similar interests. Hopefully, in their own social media way, we interact, post, chat and share stuff. This sharing also includes opinions, thoughts on a subject, or whatever.

Now, sometimes, opinions aren’t as easily shared. It can range from serious stuff to what kind of clothes people like. People who have good relationships with people, both in the real world and online, won’t really care about the differences. No one likes EVERYTHING that EVERYONE ELSE likes. So what if they don’t like Coca-Cola? Does it really matter that they are indifferent to coffee? Are you really going to lose your cool, and potentially a friend over what type of smartphone someone uses? That kind of crap is kid’s stuff. We did that kind of thing on the playground. It was childish then, but the thing is, we were kids! I may knock  iPhones and Blu-Ray, but I don’t knock my friends and family who use them.  I may not agree with Apple’s practices, or electronic companies and big studios virtually forcing people to spend money on yet another form of media, but last time I checked, Canada was a free country. They have the right to choose. I have the right to voice my opinion.

Or so you would think.

Some people do react negatively to an opposing opinion. They are so insecure that they see anything they perceive as against them, or their comment or opinion, as an attack on them. Thus, those negative comments, and the people who shared them, don’t care about them, or their opinions. They are assholes and should be treated as such. If you think I’m just poo-pooing on other people, you would be wrong.

I used to be very insecure and shy. I saw anyone who didn’t like stuff I liked as an idiot. When they were talking about how cool something was that I didn’t know, or like, or couldn’t have, I’d be very jealous. It brought up a lot of negativity and made me a miserable person to be around. If I had a Yes Men around me then, I might never have seen how stupid I was.

If you don’t know the reference, a “Yes Man” is someone who always agrees with everything you say. They think you are brilliant, that you have all the best suggestions and idea, and can do no wrong.

In other words, they are the MOST frickin’ annoying people alive. Yes people either have no thoughts of their own, or they are just lying to you, waiting for you to screw up so they can help you fall. They are insincere, lying sons-a-bitches, and no one, NO ONE should have them in their circle of friends. If you are so insecure that Yes people make you feel better, you really need to re-evaluate your life and your relationship with these Yes people.

Yeah, sometimes having people, especially clever and witty people, who disagree with your thoughts or opinions can be irksome. But even in that irksome state, they are not the total sum of their opinions. It is just one part of them. Just as you are not the total sum of your opinions, especially when it isn’t really a life-threatening, or earth-shattering subject. Each and every one of us have a right to our own thoughts, comments and opinions. If we let opposing opinions offend us, then we don’t have the right to talk about them. If we can’t stand a little difference in our conversations, then we shouldn’t speak.

If you agree with me, cool.

If you don’t, that’s cool too.

And remember… Say No to Yes People!


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