Summer Movies of 2013

*Warning: for those who don’t ever go to the movies, there may be some spoilers in my comments. You have been warned.*

I love all kinds of movies, but I must admit a weakness for summer blockbuster movies. With all the crap going on in the world, and in ours lives, it’s nice to escape reality. Although this summer wasn’t gangbusters like some summers, it still had its share of fun cool, big movies. Now once upon a time, I used to see all the big summer movies as I could. I even made a list of when they came out and planned ahead to see them. But my income isn’t as disposable as it used to be, but here are the few that I did get to see and what I thought of them.

“Iron Man 3” was the first summer movie I saw this year, and it might have been the best of the lot. It definitely put a nice cap on the Iron Man movie series if they don’t make any more. It was directed by Shane Black, whose “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is one of my favs. So when I heard he was directing IM3, I was stoked, and he didn’t disappoint. Him and Robert Downey Jr. seem to work together well. Black seems to have a knack of putting humor, serious action, and drama all in one movie. I don’t think Shane Black gets the credit he deserves. Sure he helped create the Lethal Weapon franchise, but he also wrote one of my all-time fav Bruce Willis movies, “The Last Boy Scout”! Hopefully with the success of IM3, he’ll have more clout. As for Iron Man, I’m sure he’ll return in time for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Sidebar: I don’t know what Marvel is doing, but they seem to be kicking ass in the movie department. More on this later…

As for IM3, I’d buy it.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” was pretty cool, with more of the same from the first J.J. Abrams’ Trek movie. But as a fan of the older movies, I have to say, I found myself not liking this movie as much. It had action, funny lines, good drama, and a good actor as the main villain… although a little pale compared to the smooth, badassery of Richardo Montalban’s Khan… in the end, it didn’t feel like a Star Trek movie. It felt like a sci-fi action movie with token reference to placate trekkers. What I really missed was the star ship battles. They always played out like chess matches, with each captain trying to out think the other. Call me old-fashioned, but I missed that stuff. But, I guess as long as the masses are happy, and the studio is making money, who cares about the fan base that kept it all alive for decades, right?

I’d buy ST: Into Paleness… used or cheap.

“World War Z” may be the zombie movie I’ve wanted to see since I started watching zombie movies. Usually, we see the effects of a zombie apocalypse in a small town, or through the eyes of a handful of survivors. This puts it all on a global scale, literally. It was very cool. Unlike some who have this irrational fear of Brad Pitt, I dig him. His presence doesn’t turn off a movie for me. Despite his pretty-boy ancestry, in WWZ, he starts to look old. As for the argument between shuffling zombies Vs. full-tilt zombies, I’d be more afraid of the sprinting zombies. They are particularly freaky in this, and there is also some sort of logic to them as well! Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead is still probably my fav zombie movie, but I really dig the scale of WWZ. And yes, I know it is nothing like the book. But after seeing this movie, I want to read the book, hoping that they’ll make another movie using another perspective from the book.

I’d definitely buy WWZ.

I was hoping “The Lone Ranger” would be like when I went to see the first “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I wasn’t expecting much from the first outing from Capt Jack Sparrow, but it was surprisingly entertaining. The Lone Ranger wasn’t as entertaining, but it wasn’t crap. Sadly, the guy playing the Lone Ranger was a little weak, especially up against Johnny Depp. If he don’t find a niche on feature films, I’m sure he’ll make a good star of a Jerry Bruckheimer’s procedural. It kinda reminded me of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in “Batman”, expect Michael Keaton is better than… what was the guy’s name… Armie Hammer? *sigh*, I’m sure he’ll be a success, somewhere. But honestly, the big climactic action set piece was pretty cool, and it made me actually like the Lone ranger’s theme music. If the whole movie had that kind of energy and fun, it would have been pretty cool.

I won’t be buying this one… until I find it at Giant Tiger for $2.99


*Sigh* “Man of Steel”… I really wanted to like this movie. Everything Zack Snyder has done up to this point, I’ve enjoyed, including “Sucker Punch”. But as good as Christopher Nolan was with the Batman movies and Inception… he should probably stay away from Superman, or comic book characters that aren’t really based in reality. Because, that’s what worked with Batman, he was a man. He wasn’t an alien, he didn’t have super powers, or power rings, or anything like that. It was the same with all his foes. All were based in reality. The one thing that Superman is not, is based in reality. No matter how human you try to make him, no matter what kind of human-like dilemmas you put him through, he can fly at supersonic speeds, punch a hole through a mountain, and is pretty near invulnerable.

Superman isn’t human because he’s supposed to represent an ideal. He’s a symbol. Iconic. As much as he cares for humanity, he’s above it. Making him mortal, one that actually kills the bad guy instead of finding another solution, effects that ideal. Although Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” was a disappointment, he was at least in the ball-park with regards to what Superman is supposed to be, which was laid-out in Richard Donner’s Superman movies. Superman is supposed to be the best of us. Sure we make think he’s square, but I’d rather have his square-ness saving the world, than a dysfunctional rich kid in a bat-suit.

I may have to watch Man of Steel again to see if my opinion changes. Otherwise, I’d skip this one and hope the sequel is… oh wait, Ben Affleck is going to play Batman… *sigh* nevermind.


“Pacific Rim” was the movie I was waiting for. Giant monster Vs. Giant robots! What’s not to love! But honestly, my mind wasn’t blown. But I think I know why. I was overwhelmed. When I saw the first live-action Transformers movie, I was overwhelmed. It was too much, too crazy for me to get a grip on it. I think Pacific Rim was like that. It had a good story (nothing ground-breaking, but good enough), likable characters, but most importantly, awesome battles between giant robots and giant monsters! I was actually hoping for more battles in the cities, because I’m kind of a fan of what they call “destructo-porn”. Although in Man of Steel, since it was trying to be based in reality, I didn’t enjoy the destruction as much. But when a movie is blissfully not based in reality, like Pacific Rim, then bring on the destruction!

I’ll definitely buy this one!


“The Wolverine” was way better than the last solo Wolvie movie. It may not follow the graphic novel it’s based on to a “T”, but it was still cool. It might have something to do with James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, and Kate & Leopold). He’s a quality director, who can do action and drama. Some were disappointed with the giant Silver Samuari at the end, but that’s minor stuff, as far as I’m concerned. What is it with the actors from Down Under?! Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce, Hugh Jackman, to name just three off the top of my head. All are cool, and have an effect on whether I think a movie might be good or not (Although Russell Crowe appeared in Man of Steel… no one is perfect). But this movie make me hope not just for another X-Men movie (Days of Future Past! :D), but for another solo Wolvie movie.

I’ll definitely buy this!


“2 Guns” is a throw-back to action movies of the 80’s, where two big stars, Denzel and Wahlberg in this case, face-off, match wits, trade quips, and show off their badassery. But it also had some great supporting actors, like Bill Paxton and Edward James Olmos. It had some hilarious lines, some wicked gunplay, and enough sex and nudity to remind me of the good ol days when violence, sex, and course language were the trifecta of a good action movie.

I’d buy this, but I’m in no rush.


“Elysium”, from Neill Blomkamp, the guy behind the wicked and original “District 9” wasn’t as fresh, but still cool and had a message as well. Yeah, a message in a sci-fi action movie! Plus, seeing Jodie Foster, one of my fav actresses, as a wicked bad bitch was very cool. Also, Sharlto Copley, last seen as Howling Mad Murdoch in the A-Team, was a serious badass in this movie, in the vein of the Terminator! Seriously! But the theme of the movie was definitely something to think about afterwards. It shows how the “haves” have way too much, and they continually keep it from the “have-nots”. Sounds a lot like the world we live in now, especially America.

I’ll definitely buy this one.


“Kick-Ass 2” was just as good as the original, but for totally different reasons. The first one was a kick in the ass to the superhero movies, but it was also a reality check. The second movie just continues that, not holding back on the blood and violence, but also ramping up the emotion and reality of the consequences of these characters. I remember Jim Carrey decided not to help promote this movie because of the violence, especially in the wake of the school shootings in the States. Guess he missed one of the points of this movie, that violence in the real world is vastly different from violence in comic books or movies or on TV. I think he missed a chance to bring this point up while doing promotion for the movie. But since his character doesn’t make it to the end of the movie, I guess he stopped reading the script at that point.

I’ll buy it, but I’m in no rush.


So ends the summer movie season. Feel free to agree or disagree with my thoughts and opinions. That’s what makes talking about movies, or anything else, a lot of fun.


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