The 3 Things I Have No Patience For

I’ve been told I’m a pretty patient guy, who can tolerate some things that irritate and annoy others. But I’m far from perfect. There are things that irritate me, and sometimes, I act out, either saying things that I shouldn’t have, or sticking my foot in my mouth. I try to know the facts about others, try to see their side of things, before opening my mouth. Sometimes, my mouth just opens and things come out.

Like I said, I’m far from perfect.

But no matter my feelings, I always try to see things from different sides, different points of view. People have reasons for doing things. I try to understand that.

But there are some things that I have no patience for. People who seemingly do or say stuff just because they can, or because they don’t give a flying f#*k about anyone else. These are the people who usually don’t hear anything from me when I’m around them. But, if I’m pushed, or as Popeye said “I cants stands it no more”, I’ll speak up. If they do, they definitely wouldn’t like what I have to say.

So who are these people? Well, I’ve broken them down into three groups. The first group is pretty easy, cause I’ve mentioned them before…

“Stupid People”

These are the people who believe thinking is a city in China. They say or do something without realizing the consequences of their actions or words. Many of them are behind the wheel of cars. They wander back and forth across two or three lanes, they changes lanes without signaling, etc, etc.

They are also the people who don’t have that little voice inside their head, telling them what they are about to say may be considered rude, condescending, cruel, mean, or whatever. They just say it, and everyone else feel a little dumber for being in their presence. The thing is, they may be really smart! They can figure out how to use their smartphones in no time, or math comes as easy as breathing. Yet when it comes to other people, they open their mouths and stupidity falls out.

“Selfish People”

They are also known as “Self-Centered People”, and are similar to “Stupid People”, These people are the only ones who matter in the world. If anything happens, as long as it doesn’t involve them, then everything is hunky-dory. They have no regard for other people, and believe negative comments about others is witty or clever. In truth, it’s actually just childish and mean.

The absolute worse thing you can do to a Selfish Person is tell them they are wrong. They are NEVER wrong. They will sit there and waste hours of your day trying to prove they are right, but most importantly, that you are wrong. Even if you are having a conversation with someone else about a subject you are indifferent about, a Selfish Person will interject and make sure that they are right and you are wrong, even if you don’t give a load of Dingo’s kidneys about who is right or wrong. Then, at the end, if they think they’ve won whatever supposed argument they’ve won, they’ll give you what I like to call the “Shit Eating Grin”. It is usually accompanied by a head tilt and them moving this grimace of self-inflated superiority towards yours. It’s the kind of look that psycho-killers give to their victims before they carve off pieces of their flesh to make themselves a jaunty vest.

“Dramatic People”

These are the people who cause what I call “Drama”. They are related to Selfish People, in so that they are the center of attention, they are the ones affected by things, and everything affects them to the Nth degree. If someone disagrees with them, hat person hates them. If someone said something nice to them, that person is either in love with them, or a stalker. In short, they blow EVERYTHING out of proportion. Also, if they are upset and sad, EVERYONE knows it. Even if they pretend to keep quiet, and try to affect others, in truth, they really want other’s sympathy. Because they really deserve it, poor little things.

I’m not trying to be insensitive here. Everyone goes through rough patches. Everyone has crappy days. If you see a friend feeling down, you want to be there for them, support them, try to make them feel better. Dramatic People NEED you attention! They need you to come to them, so they can feel special and worthy, which is just how they envision themselves. 

Dramatic people also tend to be gossipy types. Gossip isn’t a terrible thing. Some scientists say gossip may be part of the reason ancient humans developed languages…

Unga: Blagdor, you hear about Gocack’s mastodon tusk? He say it bigger than yours.

Blagdor: You, Unga, full of Horseasaurus shit!

Unga: Me, Unga hear it from Gocack’s wife!

Blagdor: Sure, Gocack’s wife say anything! She say fire ball in sky made from millions of nuclear explosions. When me, Blagdor knows it’s a giant glow fly on the blue ceiling.

Unga: Really? Me, Unga heard it was a glow worm.

Blagdor: Glow fly.

Unga: Glow worm!

But, unlike Unga and Blagdor, Selfish/ Gossipy people usually only mention negative stuff, especially if they see someone as competition. Instead of ignoring the supposed “threat”, or being a better person and being happy for that person’s life and happiness, they have to mock them, tear them down, all so they’ll feel better about themselves. 

The odd thing is about these three types of people, and those who display glimpses of these personality traits, as much as they irritate me, I don’t hate the, or wish them ill. Honestly, I feel bad for them. They are so absorbed in themselves, or making sure others aren’t better than them, that they forget the whole point of living your life. That is to enjoy it. You are your only true competition. You are the gauge of how good you can be. You are the one who sees friends instead of competition. When real trouble enters your life, you’ll need those friends to be there.

For someone who is stupid, selfish, or a drama king/ queen, they may find themselves very alone. 


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