Tales from Sark’s World: Sneak Peek at Future Stories

Continuing education can be quite bothersome, especially when you have lots of ideas you want to start working on.

As you may or may not know, regular readers, I’m currently enrolled in a course to become a Pharmacy Technician. It is a year-long course that will lead me to a more stable paying gig than the ones I’ve previously had. It is interesting, and can be quite hard. But the hardest part of it all is lack of free time I have for actual writing. I have been able to do some proof reading, and write some blogs, but my mind never takes a break.

So I thought I’d mention some of the projects I will be working on whenever I have some free time.


“The Black Wave Event”

I’ve completed the novel and have started proof-reading it with the hopes of sometime next year getting it published, either myself or through someone else. But besides looking for mistakes and plotting errors via my proof-reading, I’m also doing some foreshadowing, not just for the end of the book, but for future books.

I think I’ve mentioned possibly writing seven more book that take place after the BWE, that continues the stories of the character within. Well, seven might be stretched out a bit more. I have ideas that continue onward towards what might be an actual end, a final battle, and grande finale! Whether I get there is another thing, but we’ll see what happens.


“Tales from the Infinatum”

I may have mentioned this before. If so, bear with me. If not, well, here’s something new and exciting!

“Tales…” was something I did a while back, where I posted rough versions of stories occurring before the BWE, featuring characters that would play a role either in the BWE, or afterwards. Well, most of those stories got absorbed into the updated version of the BWE. But I liked the idea of having a cover-all title for when I tell stories occurring within the Infinatum (the Infinatum being the multiverse I’ve created. I’m sure I wrote a blog about it somewhere). So, “Tales from the Infinatum” became a place where I could put all these stories that may not be able to be told within the potential book series. The stories range from shorts to potentially a novel or three.

Since my timeline is kinda dodgy, with school and all, I’m going to try to write these stories down when I can. But here’s an outline of what the stories are…

“Reunion” (featuring Andreas Pry and Iron Bow)

I had a real short little story about these two. But as I wrote “Pry”, and her stories, that little story began to develop. Originally, it had Pry and Iron Bow meeting during a crisis on a ocean liner in Sydney Harbor. It hinted at a dark connection in their past. But nothing more was done with it. Now, I have an idea of what the rest of the story would be. Unfortunately, I may have to finish my “Pry” series of shorts before writing this, so we’ll see what happens.

“The Future Prometheus” (featuring Seraph and Dr. Fain)

I wrote a short story about these two already, but there is easily more to tell. originally, it was just about the creation of the version of Seraph. But how did Natasha Oileg, the source of Seraph’s consciousness, get there? What was the path that led Dr. Fain  used to get there? And where the hell is there? The hope is that it will be set further in the past, like the middle 20th century. Originally, I liked my stories set in the near future, mostly because if this was ever published properly, it could be present and timely. But I’m a buff of history, so I’m trying to reveal some of the history before the BWE, because there is a LOT of history to be told.

“The Job” (featuring Ann Bricken)

This is a brand new story idea, about a woman, Ann, who meets up with an old friend she hasn’t seen in years. As they are catching up, Ann tells her about her current job, as a global representative of Brach Incorporated, a high-tech industry troubleshooter. But as the story goes, we quickly learn her boss, her co-workers, and her job, isn’t always easy, or normal. This story is kind of light and hopefully humorous. The character Ann is that of a pretty average woman, with a good head on her shoulders, and a solid work ethic, who gets caught up in irregular activities, super-advanced technology espionage, and a lot of stuff that if pretty far out. Yet, she wants to keep her job, so she just does her job.  I’m looking forward to writing this one, cause I like the mix of adventure, far-out stuff, and humor.

“One Night Along the PCH” (featuring Cruiser)

This is another new story, but much more serious. Cruiser is a professional driver, sorta like the Transporter. She has preferred to be quiet and do her job. But this night, she comes across someone she never expected, an escaping irregular. I’m hoping this story will be a comment on human/ irregular interaction. It will be dramatic, emotional, and heartbreaking. At least, that’s the plan.

“American Schizoid” (featuring Continental Nick)

This one might be an odd one to write. At first, it might seem like the guy, Nick, is crazy. But as the story goes, and more characters are introduced, including an appearance by Lex, we learn the truth about why Nick is the way he is, and what makes his Lincoln Continental so special. It will be humorous to start off, but I’m hoping to add a bit of sadness and tragedy to it. I like this character, is his supporting characters. They play a prominent role later on in my book series… if it gets written.

“Lessons” (featuring Dr. Osaka Lo)

If you’ve read “Irregulars: Origin of the Species”, then you’ll know there is more to Dr. Lo’s story, and it’s potentially a doozy! This story is actually kinda pivotal to future stories in the book series. But if you haven’t read “Irregulars: Origin of the Species”, then I’ll say no more.

Some of the other stories that might become novellas or novels include “Strange West” (sci-fi western), “Sacred Arcane” (cross-dimensional adventure featuring people with supernatural abilities), “First World” (a straight-up superhero-style origin story, or is it?), “Infinity Galleon” (a motley crew of displaced being battle a threat to the Infinatum), “Vigil of Parnassus” (the origin story of characters that will play a pivotal role in the grand finale!)

See, lots to do! Just have to find time to do it.


All original characters Copyrighted © 2011- 2013 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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