Asking America

As an observer north of the 49th parallel, I have to ask America a few questions.

Let’s start with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It continues to boggle my mind at the difficulty that America has getting this passed and implemented.

Up here in Canada, home of the apparently more free and more brave, we’ve enjoyed socialized health care for decades, thanks to a man named Tommy Douglas and his socialist political party. The system isn’t perfect, but it is an unbelievable relief to not have to worry if I can afford a visit to the hospital if I were laying, bleeding out, on some street corner.

Why America? Why is this “Obamacare” thing such a big deal?

Why are Republicans more willing to disrupt the government than debate the pros and cons of this bill that will reduce the deficit and save people’s lives? Is it jealousy? Are they pissed they didn’t think of it first? Are they afraid of losing tons and tons of money? Are they afraid of losing the support of the insurance companies that continually screw people out of money to ensure their own coffers remain full? I’m sure it’s a little of all those reasons.

Call me simple. Call me naive. But I thought the reason people were elected to office was to help not just themselves, but the people who elected them, and the people as a whole. Wouldn’t giving everyone access to affordable health care make everyone better? Wouldn’t it make the nation stronger?

Which brings me to my next question. What is it with your national minimum wage average? Why is it  $7 something/hour? Why are you forcing  people to work all those hours at two or four jobs just so they can make ends meet. Why can’t you raise the minimum wage to something like… $10/hour?

Wouldn’t people making more money be able to spend that money, thus increasing the economy? Up here in Canada, everything is a few dollars more expensive than the same thing in the States. Yet, thanks to our higher minimum wage, and apparently better system over-all, people can still spend money, We aren’t the most powerful, or the wealthiest, yet even with my meager income, I can enjoy a movie once in a while, buy music or movies, etc. So why does one of the greatest, wealthiest countries in the world, a beacon of hope and prosperity, have such a low minimum wage? Why are so many people not making ends meet? Why is the gap between the rich and poor widening? Why is the middle class becoming the lower class?

America, you seem to be treating your citizens as well as the nations you invade. You ruin the lives of both, then  help them rebuild. Oh wait, there is a difference between the people you invade and the people at home. The people you invade, you help them rebuild afterwards.

I’m not even going to get into the whole gun culture thing, cause you’d probably shoot me and say it was self-defense.

I guess my most important question is “When?”

When are you going to change?

You are one of, if not the most, influential nations in the world. Your movies, philosophies, history, are known around the world. Yet you are falling apart within. You perpetrate this image that covers your ugliness, your greedy, and your selfishness. You let the media placate the people so they’ll forget the trouble they are in. You feed the people lies, then discredit anyone who questions your lies (IE: Fox News). I understand no nation is perfect, but you continually reveal yourselves to be a confederation of fools that don’t see the damage they are doing.

Please, as a neighbour and fan of things American, please just answer one last question.

When are you going to come to your senses and do what is right?


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