The PC Nazis say “No Halloween for YOU!”

There is something unsettling going on in our school. In Canada and the United States, Halloween is being squeezed out of schools. It ranges from kids not allowed to wear Halloween costumes, to not having Halloween dances, to having what school officials call “Spirit Day” when kids dress up in black and orange. A few school in Illinois, Oregon and Pennsylvania stopped celebrating Halloween altogether last year. Some schools in Barrie, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta have also recently banned Halloween costumes. Back in 2011, A Hamilton school banned costumes for what it said were “safety reasons.”

Why are these PC Nazis trying to cancel Halloween? What are there reasons?

One reason mentioned is religion.

Yeah, believe it or not, Halloween has religious, or should I say “Occult-ish”, connections. I’m not going to go into the history of Halloween, aka Samhain to practicing witches, Wiccans, and other earth-goddess-types. Why? Because, like Christmas, the majority of people out there don’t give a rat’s ass about Jesus and Christian mythology. They just want Santa to bring them presents, or do good onto others in the spirit of the season. As much as a shame that is, ask around and you’ll find out it’s fairly true. Sure people will go to church, sing hymns, and so on, but I bet that’s the ONLY time they go to church. Not very Christian-sounding, in my opinion.

Having said that, Halloween has even LESS to do with religion! Halloween is owned by candy makers, movie studios, companies that churn out more and more Halloween decorations, and the retailers who have made Halloween the 2nd biggest decoration seller behind Christmas. As far as I’m concerned, the only religion involved in Halloween is the worship of the almighty dollar.

But for kids, it is something entirely different. Like Christmas, the younger set love Halloween! They love the candy, but they also love dressing up as their favorite character. Even if they don’t go for their favorite character, they just want to dress up as something, or someone, that isn’t them. They do it to have fun, to make-believe. There’s no app that can replace youthful and unbridled imagination, screw what Apple and Disney says.

So where does religion fit in? It doesn’t. The only way it does is when others enforce their religion upon Halloween. An essay by the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians opposes Muslim children participating in Halloween. It states, “Although it hurts to feel left out when everyone is having a good time, a Muslim should take solace in the fact that the enjoyment of this world is temporary while the enjoyment of Paradise is everlasting,”

Although a little snooty and superior sounding (not just because it’s Muslim. Any religion that sounds like that doesn’t impress me), even they state that “everyone is having a good time.” This is coming from Muslim Theologians. Heavy thinkers, strict with the doctrine, but not really in-touch with the average Muslim, I suspect.

But here’s the thing, anyone, regardless of religion, is allowed to NOT participate! There’s no law that says everyone must have fun, dress-up, and eat candy. That is the beauty of Canada and America, it is a free country! You can live how you want, so long as you don’t hurt others.

That is the problem. Many people forget that the freedom we all enjoy is great, so long as we don’t hurt others. So if one group, religious or not, decides to be PC Nazis and cancel Halloween, if they aren’t the majority, aren’t they inflicting their beliefs on others? If this was about religious belief, sexual orientation, or race, then the minority needs to be heard and their concerned addressed.


Here’s another way to think of it…

If I went to live in a place that didn’t celebrate Halloween, I wouldn’t expect them to change for me! That would just be stupid. It would be like saying “I’m more important than anyone else, so we are gonna do it this way. If we don’t, I’m gonna raise such a stink until other, self-involved stupid people join me!”

Sounds kinda dumb when put like that doesn’t it. So why are schools, especially public schools, allowing this to happen?

Simple. Fear. Those in charge don’t want feathers ruffled, so they’ll buckle like belts to whoever steps forward and raises a ruckus about anything. They use excuses ranging from children’s safety (actual excuse used by a Hamilton, ON school, to creating something so mind-numbingly PC as “Spirit Day”, where kids are encouraged to wear orange and black instead of a costume. I also heard that those kids who can’t afford store-bought costumes feel singled out compared to those who can afford Iron Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes. Any shmuck can buy a boring costume like that. The most fun I had was coming up with a unique costume from stuff around home. Plus, I’m sure there are lots of thrift shops with cheap clothes or costumes.

Whatever excuse the schools come up with are just that, excuses. Lame, dumbass excuses.

Let the kids have their damn Halloween! Let them enjoy being kids and dressing up as characters they love, or dress up in weird, cool, fun costumes. Let them eat candy. Let them have fun.

If we don’t, they’ll have no fond memories from their childhood. They’ll grow up as sterile and boring as the PC Nazis that ruined their Halloween.


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