Random Thought List

I recently purchased Moby’s new CD “Innocents” (the deluxe edition with a bonus CD). In it, instead of the usual essay he writes about stuff I usually skim over or just don’t bother reading, he wrote a list, consisting of a bunch of different things, from standard preachy stuff, to seemingly whatever was in his head at the time.

I kinda liked that idea, so I thought I’d give it a try. It also be a way for me to have quick rants about stuff that wouldn’t fill up a full blog, or even a decent “Letters to…” blog. So, here goes…

1. Recently bought “Pacific Rim”. Still awesome.

2. Warner Brothers, who released “Pacific Rim”, actually released a two-disc DVD edition! For people like me who don’t want to waste money on a BluRay player, it was nice to see. For other studios who are screwing money-conscious movie fans by only releasing cool stuff on BluRay, you’ll get yours.

3. Another thing about buying the DVD of “Pacific Rim”, it had a cardboard sleeve! I flatten those out and put them on my wall. Even in my small room, I have a mural of them! Love it!

4. Recently closed out my storage unit. So I was able to dig out some of my toys, like 1st Gen Transformers and Marvel action figures. Have a few up in my room. Feels more like home now.

5. Although I haven’t been writing as much, or proof-reading my novel, “The Black Wave Event”, the ideas still keep coming.

6. Thanks to my Blackberry smartphone, my Blackberry Playbook, and being able to bridge the two, I can jot down ideas anytime and transfer them back and forth, and to my computer quite easily.

7. I may put down iPhones, and those who buy them because everyone else has one, but they are quality phones, with cool apps and features.

8. I think it’s the mentality that some people with iPhones have. Instead of talking to people around them, they chat, text, or play with their apps.

9. Regardless of your smartphone, the people around you should take priority, unless it is an emergency.

10. School has been hard as of late. But with this course, it is better to make mistakes in class, than in the real world, where a mistake could seriously injure or kill someone.

11. Some people in class take their marks waaay too seriously. It’s good to strive for excellence, but not at the cost of your emotional well-being.

12. I’m a firm believer in crying. If you feel it, let it out, cry. But crying over marks is a waste of tears.

13. People who make fun of people who cry during a movie are either insensitive assholes, or have no empathy for others, and therefore can’t understand why we cry at movies.

14. Miami Vice season 1 started out dodgy. But when Edward James Olmos came in, and the show got more gritty and darker, it got a LOT better.

15. Some people try to tell me how awesome shows like Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and others, are. I’m sure they are good shows, and I’m glad they enjoyed them. But when I tell them about cool shows that don’t require a cable network, and the freedom to swear, show brutal violence, graphic sex, etc., shows that rely on actual writing and acting, why do they dismiss them?

16. Cool shows that don’t (or didn’t) require cable to be good: Person of Interest, The Mentalist, Bones, Elementary, The Blacklist, Burn Notice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, The West Wing, Miami Vice, Star Trek (the original series and Next Generation)… to name a few off the top of my head.

17. Cable doesn’t make good shows. Writing, directing, producers, actors and actresses make good shows,

18. The same goes for comic books. The writing and artists make comics great and fun to read. Gimmicks don’t.

19. Have I mentioned how annoying it is when comic book publishers kill off a character, only to bring them back a few months later?

20. Death, in whatever medium it is used, shouldn’t be a gimmick. If it is to have any weight, it should be permanent. Anyone reading about any major character who gets killed knows they’ll be back.

21. I believe in Global Warming. But to what extent humans have effected it is another matter. I believe we have affected it, but it could also be the world trying to regain its balance, thus all the storms and such. Once humans are gone, the better the Earth will be.

22. Ever watch that series “Life After People”? It’s pretty cool.

23. Yesterday, I bought two CDs: Swollen Members “Balance” and  “War Requiem/ Sinfonia da Requiem, Ballad of Heroes” by Benjamin Britten. Diversity in music rocks!

24. Richard Kelly’s “Donnie Darko” is a fantastic, haunting movie. Even though “Southland Tales” was a little odd, he made up for it with “The Box” If you like unusual with hints of familiarity, check them all out.

25. Sylvester Stallone charging fans $395 for his autograph is akin to robbery. But I guess he needs the money (he said sarcastically).

26. Believe it or not, a live Mariachi band is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it. If you live in Ottawa, Google: Los Paisanos. Totally worth it!

27. Everyone should make time for a nap. Just 15 minutes. It’ll make a world of difference.

28. I don’t have my ABBA CD burned onto my computer!

6 minutes later…

29. Now I do. Gotta love hot 70’s women in tight jumpsuits and big hair.

30. I’m gonna make this list thing go up to 1000 words, which leaves 75 words left.

31. I actually remember the 70’s. I used to hate Disco music. But now I know it was just a precursor to techno/ electronica.

32. Cats are better than Dogs. It’s a fact. Don’t believe me? Compare how many cat videos there are on YouTube compared to dogs.

33. Some people say cats are selfish and self-absorbed. Those are dog people saying that.

34. That’s it for my list-making.

Thanks for reading… or ignoring. lol


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