Letters to… Social Media and Smartphone Edition

Dear Social Media and Smartphone users,

Just because you can post every single little thing that happens in your oh-so exciting day, doesn’t mean you should.

Believe it or not, there are days, actual DAYS, where I don’t post anything on Facebook or Twitter! If I can get through a 24-hour period without telling everyone about a bruise on my arm, gunk I found in my armpit, or how cute my cats are, then I’m sure some of you out there can do the same.

Especially during times when you probably shouldn’t. If you have paid to be in a class in college or university, shouldn’t you actually pay attention in class instead of posting on social media? Are you that addicted to it that you can’t stay off until your break? There are some students who are sooo lucky that I’m not an instructor, teacher or professor. If I saw people using social media during my class, they’d lose marks quicker than Trump can grab a pussy. If you can’t keep away from WhateverVille-craptactular game on Facebook, then don’t bother coming to class! I’m sure there are others who would actually value the time and make the most of it.

Now you may think I’m anti-social media. You’d be wrong! Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as meeting like-minded new friends, or follow people you think are cool. But c’mon people, have some fucking self control! I admit, there are some days when I post a bunch of posts, either because I’m in a goofy mood, feel the need to rant, or I just have a few things I want to share. But unlike some, apparently, I can do without.

Speaking of sharing… sometimes, there are things one needs not share, whether it be personal, or as the recent case, something sad or tragic. On the pro-side, posting updates about a something serious occurring in someone else’s life is a good way to keep everyone in the loop. But that also depends on whether the person in question wants everyone to know what’s going on. If they do, fine, tweet away.

But what if it is something serious, something hard to deal with. What if you told someone you trusted, who then promptly posted it on Facebook. Suddenly, something you wanted to deal with privately is all over Facebook, and all these people are hounding you with good will and sympathy that you didn’t want to deal with.

That kind of thing is yet another example of things you shouldn’t share.

Remember the good ol days when you actually talked to people, instead of posting in on InstaTwitterbook?

Oh, speaking of talking, remember the good ol days when you got together with family and friends and talked to them instead of texting, emailing, or posting on social media?

Those that don’t know me will be surprised that I’m actually pretty quiet when it comes to social gatherings. But I enjoy listening to others, and throwing in my two-cents-worth when I can. But as smartphones (a particular brand comes to mind as the one that seems to cause the most disruption… but I’ll not mention it) have become more prevalent, it seems tact and the skill to communicate verbally has suffered. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat there with family and friends, watching them playing with their phones, instead of doing the time-honored tradition if actually TALKING TO PEOPLE!

I often think, “What am I doing here? They obviously want to spend time with their beloved phones than socialize in person.”

Or, “I wish I had smartphone so I could be an asshole and ignore other people. Oh wait, I do!” But I’d rather be an asshole for other reasons than that.

What’s even more hilarious is that not everyone got smartphones at the same time. The ones that didn’t, shared my opinion, thinking that others were rude and ignorant. But as soon as THEY got a smartphone, they became just as rude and ignorant!

Maybe it’s an addiction thing. Some people just can’t help themselves.

But the truth is, they can.

When I go visit family or friends, I turn my notifications to vibrate or silent. I’m there to see them, to hang-out with them, to chat with them. My smartphone stays in my pocket. The only times it may come out is when I have a moment to myself, when not chatting or doing something, or I have to use my phone to look-up something, or show them something on my phone. As soon as I’m done, back into my pocket it goes.

So, in conclusion…

1. People who put every little detail of their life on social media need to ask themselves if they should.

2. If you are going to share something serious, especially if it’s about someone else, ask yourself if they would want such info spread around at that particular moment.

3. Your smartphone is NOT your life. Life is your life! Enjoy it a bit more, especially around family and friends! Put. the. smartphone. down!

While I have you here,

4. Try, just TRY, and think about others. Don’t be so damn selfish. I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but just try, ok?


Everyone who knows people like this.


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