Tales from Sark’s World: It’s the Most Unproductive Time of the Year!


I’m back!

Miss me?

Hello? *knock knock*, is there anyone out there?

Well, I can’t blame you if you’re not reading. After all, it’s been about 22 days since I posted anything. But I have a reason!


It always seems that this time of year, starting in December, that my writing grinds to a halt. December may be at fault, but there are other reasons within the reason why it is the most unproductive time of the year for yours truly.


First, my birthday. I was born on a dark, winter-y day many moon before the internet went public. Actually, I don’t know if it was dark or not, because I was JUST BORN! So usually, the beginning of the month is filled with one of two things: much social interaction or me sitting alone crying into a 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola. Or both, as the case might be as I get older.

But seriously, the first few days to a week of the month is kind of a right-off.


Second, Christmas. It isn’t always the most wonderful time of the year. “Hectic” might be more appropriate. “Tiresome”, “Irksome”, “Irritating” might be just a few of the others. It is the time of year where people spread the joy of the season by stealing parking spots at the mall. Other do it by pushing others out of the road to get a toy for a kid who’ll play with it for an hour of Christmas Day before whining that they are bored. Others write blogs about the whole “Merry Christmas Vs. Happy Holidays” thing…

(note to self: write indignant “Merry Christmas Vs. Happy Holidays” blog.)

In short, we run around like fill-tilt zombies trying to snap-up items that we hope will express our love, joy and friendship to those in our lives, as step on anyone else who gets in our road. If in the United States of Amerifear, you stab or gun down people on Black Friday, the day right after you celebrated being thankful, so you can get the new PS4.

Now try to get stuff done during all that crap. It can be done, but usually not by me.


Third, school! Yeah, I’m in school! Thankfully it ends soon. But as I put my efforts into staying interested and not snapping any of my fellow classmates’ necks for droning on about one frickin’ mark, not much else gets done. I swear to Christ and Sonny Jesus, if I hear “But I don’t understand” one more time in that whiny, puberty-crackling little girl voice, I’ll fuckin’ LOSE IT! Then I’ll feel bad about later… probably.

Seriously, they are all cool people. But I’m sure they are just as sick of me as I am of them. I’ll talk about them in another blog.


Fourth and finally, the end of the year! It is that time of year where we reflect on everything that has been and look towards what might be. It is also the time to be totally screwed up because between the time Christmas really kicks into high gear, until a day or two after new Years Day, any schedule I might have had is GONE. My mind is mostly elsewhere, or elsewhen. I’m amazed I have been able to focus on school as much as I have!

I’ve also been lucky that over the past decade and some, I’ve only had to work on or around Christmas and New Years Eve once. All the other times, my place of employment allowed us two weeks off, or I was unemployed. Next Christmas will probably be different, so this year, I want to make sure I enjoy as much of my precious time off as I can.

During those two weeks, I won’t be vegging out all the time…

(Although, I have allotted at least one day for vegging, as well as Boxing Day and the day after for watching all the movies I buy on Boxing day while enjoying treats that I’ll probably have to stop enjoying in the New Year.)

In the back of my mind, some of the time will be taken up by looking forward. Next year, I finish off my schooling with in-the-field training, then start a new chapter of my life. It’s exciting and scary, but we all need that in our lives.

The side-effect of being done school is I can also return much of my focus to my writing! Although I haven’t been blogging or writing, I have been plotting and dreaming and creating! Thankfully, that never stops.

Maybe 2014 will be a double rainbow year! I’ll find a paying career that isn’t shite, and I’ll read my novel to be published, as well as many other works!

Now that would be productive!

Merry Whatever you celebrate! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tales from Sark’s World: It’s the Most Unproductive Time of the Year!”

  1. Welcome back! Not that I can complain about your blogging frequency, mine is no better. Umm, ditto to all the things you said! Christmas and stuff. Yeah, that’s why. Nothing at all about general laziness. Definitely not.

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