Tales from Sark’s World: Do or Do Not

The Black Wave Event, or BWE for short, is my first completed novel.

But are novels ever really complete?

Apparently not.

Or maybe I’m just nervous about stepping into a medium with so many great talents. Sure I see myself as creative, a story-teller, maybe even a writer. But there are authors out there! So, maybe I should change “nervous” to “terrified”. Terrified in discovering that my skills aren’t as good as I hope they are. I may write for myself, but it would be nice if others thought “Hey! That’s pretty cool.”

Over the past year, my writing has been hampered by reality, all in the name of getting a respectable education that will lead to a respectable career. Along the way, it has been hard putting so much energy and effort into something that is interesting, when I would LOVE to have put that energy towards something I really enjoy.

There is a point to the respectable education. I needs to pay the bills! So, it wasn’t a wasted effort. But as any writing struggling out there to put the words down when their life is full of other stuff, it can be hard to just sit there and write.

That’s why I’ve decided to get my ass in gear.

The link I’ll be posting (I was hoping to just post the excerpt in my blog, but MS Word is a bitch to copy and paste) is the first two pages of the Chapter 1 of “The Black Wave Event”! Again, apologies for the link and download, but it is only two pages, so I hope you’ll give it a chance and have a read.

For the rest of the year, I’ll be posting other excerpts and teasers from BWE, as I proof-read it, clean it up, and finalize it.

I’m also looking into finding a way to post some comic book scripts I wrote based on my Infinatum characters. I’ll play around with that to figure out how I can do it intact, and in the body of the blog. Otherwise, it’ll be something else to download, which I will apologize for in advance. I’m also looking into sending in some scripts to publishers to see what may come of that. I’ll also be looking around for anyone looking for a comic book scriptwriter, to work on a project.

The biggest reason for all this planning, scheming and ass-getting-into-gear-ing is that I’m 40. Not that I’m old, but geez, life is short and I want to do what I enjoy doing.

I’ll update when I can, so feel free to stay tuned and offer up any support you can muster.

The Black Wave Event Chapter 1 Teaser

Here’s the download. Enjoy!


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