Freedom of Speech, Where Valid

I learned something quite valuable recently.

Only people with a valid training in a particular area of study have the necessary skills to comment or voice an opinion on said area of study. If you are not educated in a particular area of study, you opinions are worthless and you shouldn’t voice that two cents of yours. Best to save them for a proper education.

For example, if my car breaks down, I can’t offer a thought or opinion as to why it broke down. Only licensed properly schooled mechanics can offer their thoughts and opinions on why the car broke down.

When I heard this, I realized the majority of my blogs were just a waste of time because I wasn’t educated in the ways of politics, religion, psychology, economics, etc. For this, I must apologize for being woefully unqualified to have an opinion on anything.

Henceforth, I will no longer blog about anything unless I have schooling in that subject.



Ya, right!

I don’t know how it is in America, or the rest of the world, but up here in the True North, Strong and Free, we can offer up any opinions, thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, or whatever we want!

Does that mean it is always right, or has any validity? No, not necessarily. The only reason some people voice an opinion about anything, especially on social media, is to hear themselves talk (or in this case, see their words on-screen). But that is society in general. There will always been mouthy jackasses who need to cause shit, and will do so for no other reason than to just cause shit.

But there are times when someone, even the smartest of people, stick their foot in their mouth. They may brag about how much better they are, and how pointless others are for their opinions. These are the people who need a reminder about that whole freedom of speech and such. That regardless of education, people have the right to voice their thoughts and opinions on anything.

These pompous jackasses also need to be reminded that, just because someone has an education about something, doesn’t make them the grand, high exhaulted know-it-all of whatever it is they were educated in. How many highly educated, well-meaning people made a statement about something, only to be proven wrong? I’m sure if you Googled it, you’d find a bunch.

There’s another thing that scholarly folks may forget that, in my opinion, trumps what they learned in class. Experience. Talking and learning about something in class isn’t the same as having experienced something. You can learn everything there is to know about war, rape, depression, etc., but nothing can beat learning from people who have gone through it.

Something else just popped into my brain pan, the “power of education”. I’m not talking about people learning about something, taking courses, and improving themselves. I’m talking about the people who, after learning about something, think they know everything. They automatically become experts in that subject. It is sort of the dark side of what they have learned. They have all this new knowledge, but instead of listening and trying to understand potential real-world situations, they think they already know everything, thus their “educated” thoughts and opinions are better than everyone else.


So, who has the right to voice an opinion on a subject that may be touchy or controversial? Only the educated, or everyone?

Everyone, of course.

Does that mean every opinion, thought, idea, etc. will be a good one? No, of course not. Like I said, some people just spew crap because that’s all they want to do. Some people speak from their heart, which doesn’t always make sense, but that doesn’t make it any less valid, especially to them. Some people try to rationalize the irrational, try to understand something tragic, something painful. While many may not have a masters in psychology or sociology, who is to say they may not have person insight into something?

Discounting someone’s thoughts and feeling out-right because of a lack of formal education is so beyond pompous, it make me fear anyone who would come to that person for help or advice. Because the mentality they have displayed would seem to indicate they have already made their decision about that person. That anything they say is invalid.

The same could be said about this blog, and the majority of the nearly two hundred other blogs I’ve written.



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