Letters to… Hobby Lobby, Grown-Up Movie Fans, Tennis, and History

Dear Hobby Lobby,

Over the past few months, I’ve been hearing some odd stories about you.

First, it was about not wanting your employees to have access to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Supposedly, your argument was that it violated the owner, David Green, and his family’s religious beliefs, specifically the part about allowing employees access to emergency contraceptives (Plan B).

This despite the fact that you had been covering this up until September 2012. And that you have more than $73 million invested in mutual funds with the very company who create and develop the very emergency contraceptives (Plan B) that you were denying to your own employees.

Secondly, to protect your own ass, you argue that companies, as well as being “individuals”, also have religious rights. Therefore, you are only executing your religious  beliefs when you deny your employees their own right to affordable health care.

Hobby Lobby, you are a perfect example as to what is wrong with America.

I’m not going to go into the reasons why companies are considered individuals. That is just bullshit.

But investing in a company that creates the drugs that you supposedly abhor because of your religious beliefs, then deny your own employees the same drug on your feeble religious reasoning just shows how hypocritical, self-serving, and greedy you truly are.

What is truly the saddest part of all of this is that I’m sure there are other companies out there going “Hmm, if they get away with this, I bet we could too!”

Hobby Lobby, and those behind it, are an insult to all good, genuine Christians. Those that understand and embrace the true meaning of Christianity, of Jesus’ words and deeds, should be pissed off at these people, as well as any others who drag their faith through the filth in such a way.

But since they won’t listen to level-headed indignation, hit them where it hurts, their wallets. If you think what Hobby Lobby is doing is disgusting, don’t shop there. Tell others not to shop there. Direct them to find their own answers and truths about their behavior.

This is America after all. A place of truth and justice.


Pissed off


Dear Snobby Movie People and Critics,

A recent article in The Hollywood Reporter boasted a list of summer movies “for grown-ups”.

I hate to break it to them, but I’m a grown-up, and I LOVE summer movies that the article probably derides.

The summer movie season is probably my favourite. Because it is filled with escapism! Do we always need to see something serious and “grown-up”? I love all kinds of movies, but when the summer comes, and heat rises, my heart yearns for some superhero smack-down, giant robots fighting, action, adventure, sci-fi chaos and mayhem! If I’m going to pay $12 or more to go to the movies, I’m damn well gonna get my moneys worth!

As much as I love “The World’s Fastest Indian”, “One Week”, or “Angel-A”, I can rent or buy them and watch them on my TV at home. Why not on the big screen? Because that’s for the BIG STUFF! I Don’t need a huge screen to watch “Fair Game”, based on the life C.I.A. operative outed by her own government. It is about the story and the characters. Besides, with On Demand and Netflix, the only reason TO go to the movies is to see the big screen action and explosions.

And if those snobby movie people think I’m alone on this, they should go and check out some of the audience at movies like Godzilla or X-Men: Days of Future Past. It wasn’t all kids, teens, of 20-somethings. Believe it or not, adults like the fun stuff too. They still have a little bit of their youth inside.

They aren’t grown-up sticks-in-the-mud.


Not Grown-Up Yet


Dear Fellow Canadians and Tennis Fans,

I’m not a fan of tennis. The point system is confusing as hell, but at least they have some love.

But you don’t need to be a tennis fan to be happy for Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic. You just need to be Canadian.

It also seems that whenever some Canadians make it big on the world stage, we have to get behind them and show our support, and rightly so! Seeing both of them rising to the occasion, at Wimbledon no less, has been great. As I write this, Raonic’s outcome against Federer hasn’t been decided. But it doesn’t matter. Raonic has proven his mettle and it may be only a matter of time before he becomes one of the world’s greatest.

Bouchard has made it to the final! But even if she loses (which I hope she doesn’t!), she, like Raonic, has already proved she has the skills to be one of the best.

That is why Canadians, even those who know nothing about tennis, are behind them both. Because that is what a nation does when two of its brightest catch the world’s attention.

Go Raonic & Bouchard!


a Proud Canadian


Dear Fellow Canadians and History Ignorers

I’ve recently started watching “Canada: A People’s History”, a documentary series produced by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). This will be my third time watching the entire series. It uses actors to portray our history, using the actual words, letters, and other writings of people from that time. It is a fascinating look into our history, one that many people, especially younger folks, may ignore.

Sadly, many Canadian people know more about American history than their own. As entwined as both are, we should always know about where we came from, and how our country came to be.

Maybe, if Canadian people did know more about their history, they would be mindful of the negative things they say about Aboriginal people, or people from Quebec. Without them, I truly believe we’d be part of America, and not our own, individual country, with our own identity.

Maybe, if Canadian people knew more about their past, it might help us all shape our future.

Just a thought.


A Mindful Canadian

P.S.: For those who feel such shows or series are “boring”… well, lets hope the “engaged” mindful people out-number the “bored” people.



One thought on “Letters to… Hobby Lobby, Grown-Up Movie Fans, Tennis, and History”

  1. “Those that understand and embrace the true meaning of Christianity, of Jesus’ words and deeds, should be pissed off at these people” — yup. Unfortunately, I never shopped there to begin with. They tend to be found more readily in more Conservative areas.

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