Tales from Sark’s World: Pedro’s Coffee

Wow, it’s been just over two years since I last went through my completed feature film scripts.

I wrote seven of them in the span of a two or three years. From what I understand, that is pretty good. I enjoyed writing them, and would like to revisit my scriptwriting someday. But for now, I’ll stick to writing short stories and my seemingly ending ideas for the Infinatum book series.

Here is the taglines, logline, pitch and personal notes for my first script.
Pedro’s Coffee.


“In one day, they will go from small-town nobodies to big-city nobodies.”

“They went for coffee and found adventure… and coffee.”


Two small town Canuckleheads travel to Toronto to search for the creator of the world’s greatest coffee, made by a man named Pedro.


Pedro’s Coffee is a Canadian-based comedy about two small town Canuckleheads, Raph and Murray, who save up $10,000 to go to California. But when Murray’s Mom loses it all at bingo, they retreat to their second home, the local coffee shop. Here, they hear the secret of the legendary Pedro and the incredible coffee he makes. They decide to venture to Toronto, where Pedro supposedly lives, to seek him out and his great coffee. But it’s not that easy as our caffeine-craving heroes come across specialty coffee shops, faux Chinese Mafia and the cult-like mentality of a globe-spanning department store.

Personal Note: Pedro’s Coffee took longer to write than any of my other completed scripts. But when I finished it, I had a great sense of accomplishment. It is the only comedy script I’ve written, but I have plans for others. Many of the main characters and pieces in the script were inspired by friends and things that happened to them, though greatly exaggerated. I was recently told that it reminded the reader of Porky’s, which I took as a compliment (as I’m sure that was the intention, lol). I saw it as a Canadian version of “Road Trip” or a lighter version of “Goin’ Down the Road”. There’s a solid idea for a sequel, featuring Raph and Murray going to L.A., but that’s a while off yet.

Pedro’s Coffee Copyrighted © 2000 Mark James MacKinnon


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