Tales from Sark’s World: Unsound

When I saw the movie RED, with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, I was stunned to see an idea I had for Unsound used in the movie!

At one point, someone tosses a hand grenade at Malkovich’s character. He flips the machine gun/ whatever he was using, so that he is holding the gun like a baseball bat, and knock the grenade back at the bad guy, blowing him up. I laughed, because it looked awesome seeing the character do that, but also because an idea I had was good enough for someone else to use.

LOL, no they didn’t steal it, obviously. But it was nice to know something I thought up, that I thought was cool and clever, was also thought up by people in the industry.

Having been more than two years since I revisited my completed feature film scripts, I thought I’d re-post the taglines, logline, the pitch and personal notes.





“For redemption or for honor. Either choice will be his last.”

“The killer who ruined her life might be her only salvation.”


An infamous hitman is called out of his twenty-year “retirement” by an old friend to repay a debt by killing a young woman, who was the reason for the hitman’s exile.


Unsound is an action-packed drama that tells the story of two very different people, brought together by violence and death. William the Black, a retired assassin hiding from his past, and Jenn, a young woman drifting through her own life, still dealing with her past. Thanks to their chance encounter twenty years before, both have become solitary, lonely people. Now, with a contract out on Jenn and William brought back for one last kill, each has a chance to change their lives, to finally reach out for someone, even if it’s the person they’d least expect.

Personal Note: Unsound was inspired by some of my favorite actions movies. Leon (The Professional) and Hard-Boiled were probably the biggest. I read somewhere that most actions are written as “They fight.” I thought that was pretty lame. But having John Woo’s stylized action stuck in my head, I probably went overboard on the detail. But at it’s core, I think it has a great dramatic conflict, cool lead characters, and some cool action scenes. I also planned to include a character from another script as a cameo, to show these two stories had a connection, but I cut the character when I made him too interesting. It threw the readers. They wondered if this character was coming back. I still have that character in mind. He still might see the light of day somewhere down the road.

Unsound Copyrighted © 2001 Mark James MacKinnon.


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