Tales from Sark’s World: The Regulators

Beside not being my last script written, I still feel it is my best. Probably because I had invested sooo much time in the characters well before I started writing.

The Regualtors are part of the Infinatum. I developed a few other script ideas based on other characters, but I reeeally wanted to write this script, and it was probably the most fun I had. But since the likelihood of any of these scripts seeing feature film production is the prime reason I started writing short stories and novels. I wanted to get these characters and their stories written.

So I just started writing. Which is how it should always be when you want to do something. Just do it.

Hmm, that’s catchy! lol

Enjoy the taglines, logline, pitch and personal notes.



The Regulators
Tagline 1: “A new species of hero.”

Tagline 2: “To fight for and protect those who can’t.”

Tagline 3: “Irregulars. Humans. Together, they will fight for those who can’t.”

Logline: A former government agent, with the aid of animal/human hybrids and stolen technology, goes to save two allies from powerful clutches of the Cat Clan.

Pitch: The Regulators is an sci-fi/superhero story about an unusual, but close-knit family of humans and “irregulars” (animal/human hybrids) rising to a challenge that has been a long time coming. When patriarch James Wallace learns of two allies being threatened by the mysterious Cat Clan, he knows he can’t remain idle, nor can his family. Together, using spirited-away advanced technology, they will put their years of unity and training to the test. It is a story of courage and sacrifice, amid humor and heart-break, set in the world of fantastical characters and incredible action.

Personal Note: This is the script I really wanted to write since I first came up with the idea of the Regulators as a team. At the time, I was trying to think of a script that would be small, low budget and hopefully, easy to sell. But that “easy-to-sell” script is incomplete. I wanted to have fun and finally tell these characters’ origins. Writing this script also made me realize I really enjoyed writing sci-fi/comic book-style stories. It also motivated me to continue working on the Regulator’s universe, the Infinatum. Despite being written a few years ago, and having written new projects, I believe this script is one of my best.

The Regulators Copyrighted © 2001 Mark James MacKinnon


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